Did you ever?



Have a conversation with someone that left you with the distinct impression that you’re not good enough, that where you want to belong you won’t, and feeling mocked for even thinking that you might belong there?

For a little while after the conversation it seemed as though I’d bought the lie, and ate the apple – thinking deeply about  the words and the  accompanying laughter. Even in this moment the laughing was most likely indicative of a level of discomfort sharing this wisdom with me.

Whether mocking or discomfort matters precious little  as for a time doubt crept in, doing it’s job. In the couple of months since that conversation the realization has come that sometimes conversations, and events can sometimes humble us. Maybe I don’t belong where I thought I did, perhaps there’s another place. I’ve been thinking about pride – and how it can really damage our relationships with people – and that can have far reaching effects. What I do with this is up to me. This Child of God has chosen to give the whole situation over to Him.

As I move through today getting ready to head off to Quilt Market and Quilt Festival there will be prayer, seeking wisdom and discernment. Asking the Lord to Open the Eyes of My heart.

May peace that passes all understanding fill your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

God bless,


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