On Being Responsible

rock in burr grinder“We need reminders, not new teaching” to quote a long time friend. The reminder came the other day, I’m grateful.

This reminder started me thinking that I’m holding some things that aren’t mine. Hearing this is like drinking water, refreshing my soul. As this drinking water continues the creative energy that has laid dormant for a while is drinking deeply, being renewed. Letting go of things that aren’t mine to care for the responsibility is then placed (in my mind and heart) with those to whom it rightfully belongs.

With this there is movement in places where I’ve longed to have more of a role and I see right now that pulling back is a great option. Simply because I’m seeing that I’m trying to take on responsibility for things that aren’t mine. And in this particular area doing my own homework, talking to the right person to ask the questions giving me the clarity I needed.

gazanias 003

A friend on fb reminded me that this week is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the great season of Lent. A time of penance and renewal, of giving to God that which rightfully belongs to Him – my whole person. Part of today will be giving consideration to adding something to my daily routine that will renew and refresh my relationship with God. Ideas are already floating around my head. Including meditating on a few passages of scripture including one of my favorites, Philippians 4. For ages I’ve wanted to embrace the gift of joy and kindness, and develop a deeper experience of Trust. It doesn’t always work because tired, hangry, frustrated, hurt, longing. It is in those moments of tired, hangry, frustrated, etc that live the moments of trusting the Father ever more deeply. This takes practice. The same kind of practice that I encourage the people I’m privileged to teach machine quilting to do. I share that we get better stitch by stitch, the more we practice well, and learn how to problem solve the better we become in our quilt work.


When I started piecing and quilting my work did not look like this. I’m okay with it, new and inexperienced, and needing guidance is a good thing. This gives the more experienced person, whether a friend or paid teacher, the opportunity to pass on the things that work in their quilt making from cutting well, to choosing needles and thread that make the work easier, and gives the new person the opportunity to improve their work. The more we piece and quilt the better we get. I remember the machine quilting class I took, learning a few things that would work for me, a few things that, while I tried them, don’t work. Like faith, the more I put into learning and growing, the more the understanding will grow, deepen, mature.

Quilting and faith. Faith and quilting.

God bless,


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