Yellow Roses


This is such a lovely memory, more than likely from the New York Botanical Garden not far from home. Shortly after we moved here one of our friends gave me a yellow rose bush. Lean in friends, I’m going to tell you a secret, I love plants however caring for them is not my forte. At some point I trimmed the bush back. So far back I cut below the graft, leaving the bush with no yellow roses. The bush still lives some 18 years later. The other rose bush has started going wild, my sweetie is actively working on keeping that from happening. It’s a process.

Try as I might I tried to convince myself that weeding was a good idea, that it led to some serious spiritual insight. Bah! All it led to was a sunburn and an irritated quilter. Surprised? Yeah, me neither.

botanical gardens with Misty 087I was going to start writing about how one of my long-time prayers was answered. “Rejoice with me Quilters” held strong consideration for the title. Then I stopped. Started thinking about pruning, growing, and waiting. I thought about how this faith is a journey. Then I started thinking, again surprising no one, that “Not yet” and “No” are perfectly legitimate answers. Whoa.

hyacinth blooms
I’d love for the answer to be, “I have something better in mind for you.” That would be great, though it would be what I want.
I’d love for the answer to be something I’d consider to be good. I have some clear thoughts on that, on what that would look like. Oh the places I’d go, the people I’d meet, the lives I’d change, and in changing their lives, other lives would be changed. If only the world was as wonderful as I am…

In the meantime, I’m going to keep praying. Because in and through it all, Trusting God is way more important to me than anything I want.

God is so very good.

God bless,


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