Supply and Demand

1448228254869Earlier this year I got a new phone. I needed one with more memory as the older one “lost” memory when I had to do a hard reset. I was constantly clearing cache, removing apps, trying to turn off built-in apps. So  I purchased a new phone, with more memory giving me room for regular daily use, apps and games. I love word games a lot. There is the challenge of using the seven tiles, with or without vowels/consonants, and playing strategically is energizing. The other day I took the last of the games off my phone. It wasn’t something that I needed, wanted yes, needed no.

It was making the long bus rides into the City go much quicker. I don’t think this time always needs to be productive time so my kindle is getting some much needed attention. Flitting between three different books: two for fun and one as part of a Bible Study I’m working on with friends. The study is serving as a reminder of a lot of things I already know. It’s a complement to several songs that continue to wander through my brain, reminding me of God’s love, providence, and sustaining. It’s reminding me to distinguish between my wants and my needs; to work on aligning those differently. Part of this is looking at my wants differently, acknowledging that they are there and that they are part of who I am. There is nothing inherently wrong with wants. Wants becomes misordered when the wants become priorities ahead of people and God.

1448227876241My God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

Emphasis added as that reminder to distinguish wants and needs. Everything belongs to God. God has supplied some really great friendships serving as a reminder that we walk together on this road. We’re not alone. I’m not alone. I need these friendships and am grateful that they have come along.

The gift of quilting is an opportunity to supply both a physical and a spiritual need for others. The physical need of a quilt is nearly obvious whether the physical contact of a quilt, the joy of seeing a quilt on a wall, the act of making a quilt can reduce stress (or quite frankly create a lot as we’re learning or struggling) Getting together with quilters, oh there’s nothing quite like it. Sometimes that spiritual need is a word of encouragement reminding quilters to be kinder to themselves. To focus on what they can do.

Oh!!! I love teaching. When a student walks away from a class encouraged and ready to tackle the work of learning to (machine) quilt. It is hard work however the time it takes to do the work is so worth it. Teaching is hard work, trying to meet the needs of my students the best I can, in the time I have. It’s also a reminder that I’m not God, and can not always meet those needs.

I have so much to learn and remember, so many places to grow. So many ways to teach and encourage.

God bless!


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