Bitter? I think not…

rock in burr grinderWhere did we leave off? Oh yeah, I remember now…I was sharing with you how looking deeper changed my perception of Naomi and Ruth. A couple of friends and I are participating in an on-line Bible Study together. We’re following along with the emails and video’s and then talking to one another.

I have a way of teaching color to beginner quilters that starts with asking them a couple of questions: “Who is the quilt for?”, “what is your favorite color?”, “what is your favorite season of the year?” The newbie quilter is then sent out into the shop with some focus to find their favorite bolt of fabric.

IMG_2691With this bolt I ask, “what are the colors you see?” then, “what else do you see?” and finally we talk about other colors and textures that are in the bolt including the colors that made no impression on them at all. The colors they see are the colors they like and will feel most comfortable working with. The colors they see next are colors that are okay, and will be able to work with in smaller amounts. Each answer gives information. I do my best to listen carefully as what they are saying is key to choosing color successfully for their quilt. When we’re done the newbie quilter has done the work with some guidance and direction.

Sometimes when I read I see what’s on the surface and that’s okay, there’s good information there. Looking beyond, looking deeper reveals so much depth and character. So last night, I’m pondering Naomi and Ruth. (Pondering is still a good word, something to do) There are a couple of deep impressions I’m left with – Ruth clearly respects, and cares deeply for Naomi. There is something in Naomi that Ruth admires. The surface is Ruth may not have anyone to go back to, or perhaps there are and it’s a horrible situation. But the more is – that love and respect.
Naomi changed her name to Mara, meaning bitter. This bitterness is based in Grief and we know that grief has powerful emotional. The deaths in Naomi’s life, a husband she loved and her two sons. I. can’t. even. Essentially in that world, in that time and culture Naomi has no one to provide for her. Going back home wasn’t something simple or easy, it was risky and potentially dangerous. Looking beyond a bit more we see that being bitter and angry with God is okay. God is good enough to understand our feelings, our hurts, our longings.
As I look deeper I want to see more. I want to look beyond and see more of what’s really there.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Bitter? I think not…

  1. I LOVED your questions. I can see how the answers would help point you guide the customer to choose fabrics they would want to keep stitching! You write such an insightful blog. Thanks!

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