Good? Friday!

This afternoon I’ll be in Church for a couple of hours celebrating the Passion of our Lord. The readings of the day are really rich, recounting Jesus’ betrayal, right through his death. The way the Gospel is read the community responds with “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” at those moments when Jesus is condemned. I remember tears welling up and spilling over the first time I celebrated Good Friday. ¬†Honestly I go there every time. I stand there in all my imperfect humanity and condemn. It brings to mind that I can do this to people and convicts my heart and causes me to think about how I respond to people.
I’ve been reading Brennan Manning‘s Ragamuffin Gospel on and off during Lent. And am having very much the same response with the tears flowing freely. In part in recognition of God’s great Mercy, Love, and Grace which is overwhelming. And a sense of great freedom has come along with it. A freedom to accept myself and all my own foibles and flaws. A freedom to be more forgiving and kind.

When we take this Grace and apply it to all of who we are then our quilting becomes much more acceptable. Our mis-matched points don’t matter, because our quilt is finished to be given and used with love. When Grace and Mercy come into play we no longer mind with a quilt that we’ve worked so hard on goes to the family pet. When grace and mercy come in to play we begin to recognize how hard someone has worked on a quilt and appreciate the work and their skill level at this moment. We will do what ever we can to support and encourage them in their quilt making. We won’t point out flaws or wonder “what the hell were they thinking with that color” We will allow ourselves to love whatever fabric we choose, in whatever colors we think are just lovely. We will learn to say a meaningful, “Thank you!” when someone compliments our quilt making prowess.

Our spirituality and quilting are part of life. Sometimes it’s going to be easy, sometimes not so much. Whether good or not so much, let’s walk together. Just like the women of Jerusalem who walked with Jesus along the way to the Cross.

God bless!


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