Holy Week

CAM01719Holy Week, there is nothing like it. The Pinnacle of our experience as Christians. From the beauty and acknowledgement of Passion Sunday where we proclaim Jesus as King and Lord to Holy Thursday, and Good Friday where we condemn this King and sentence him to the death of criminals. The Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday where Jesus’ Passion comes to completion in His Resurrection. The entire week is one long celebration, the culmination of our Lenten Sacrifice and this amazing Proclamation of great Joy. My favorite Mass of the year is the Vigil Mass from the lighting of the new fire to and the singing of the Hallelujah, the celebration of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist for the Candidates and Catechumens. The incense and bells. The Holy Oil, the fragrance of the Holy Oil. Oh can I just tell you that fragrance is just beautiful.
Tuesday evening is the Chrism Mass, the blessing of the Oils, which are then brought back to the local Parishes for use during the year. This is also the night where Priests renew their Priestly Promises (Happy Anniversary to all my Priest friends!).
This week.
This week is just the best.

The memories of Lent, Holy Week and Easter come flooding back from all those years ago and yet, at Mass it’s right here, right now. It’s this same moment. The memories of that first celebration of Holy Week and several since then. Celebrating the Rite of Election, the Chrism Mass, Holy Thursday, the Mass of the Last Supper, Good Friday when the Eucharist has been removed from the Church, it’s an empty tomb at that moment, oh so Empty. The Vigil Mass, oh the Vigil Mass, when it’s celebrated well, with the 9 readings it’s just so rich and meaningful, Salvation History read for our remembering, a reminder of God’s Grace and Mercy and Love.

I can’t quite describe the experience, words fail me here. I’m looking forward to celebrating this week.

This week I’m celebrating my quilting history as well. There is a beauty and richness there. It’s why I blog on TerifiCreations to see where I am, where I’ve been, where things have changed and moved and grown and remained the same. I can see where my opinions have changed, and where they’ve stayed the same. I can see how fabric choices have changed and where I’ve circled back and embraced solids again as they show the part that brings me the greatest joy, the quilting.

I’m celebrating taking risks, trying new things and continuing on the quilting journey in spite of somethings that are challenging and hard.

I’ve just talked my self into finishing the risk I started taking a long time ago.

Happy Holy Week!



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