Water, water…where’s the bucket

The pondering will never end. I mull things over until they come to the surface and are ready to be shared in some verbal form.
When I started writing this I had some seemingly brilliant connection between the Woman at the Well and the guy at the Pool of Siloam who needed help getting to the pool for healing. I wrote a few notes in my planner. There was something about the water and needing help and healing and hope that got me all excited. And now for the life of me have no idea what connection I’d made other than the water.
Both the woman at the well and the guy at the pool needed water and more to the point both of these folks needed friends. I can imagine the loneliness of heading out to the well at mid-morning, alone, when all the other women were already there and back again – that social time missed out on because you’re a “sinner”, not that the other women aren’t but they have decided that somehow they are better than you and therefore you should not have the pleasure of their company.

In this moment at the well with Jesus this woman is given back something that she lost or had taken away from her, we don’t quite know, her dignity as a well loved child of God. Does it change her relationship with the other women in town? Who knows? But, that dignity is hers to keep and act on. Whether she went to the well in the cool of the morning with the other women or still went out later in the day we’ll never know. While it would be my hope that the relational part would change, it really doesn’t matter. This woman’s dignity is restored.

Quilting is like water to the soul.
Quilting is refreshing
Quilting is nourishing
Sometimes quilting is work
Sometimes quilting is isolating
Quilting is like water to the soul
Quilting is that community that embraces
but not always

Quilting is water to the soul

God bless!


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