Through Lent and Easter

random rainbowFor the most part over the next 8 weeks or so I’m going to post links to the Readings of the Day. The bulk of my time will be spent quilting and writing for the book. My plan is one written post per week.

And as I sit here thinking there are several thoughts running through my mind:
fasting – fasting from blogging now so I can write and quilt for my book. this is hard because I love the process of blogging.
fear – I’m thinking how fear can be and is so paralyzing and how it can and does resemble sloth.
lots of stressful stuff going on turns me inward. I’m thinking normal for an introvert however not so helpful when I have a great support system from my spouse to great friends.
both the fear and the stressful stuff can and do (for me) lead to doubt and mistrust. So perhaps this fasting is a good thing. A time to connect with the Creative and be renewed. Since returning to the Faith in 1992 Lent is always one of my favorite seasons. It’s a time of taking cleaning up and taking out the trash. It’s a time of giving, forgiving and reminding us who we are as well loved children of God.
He loved us so much….

God bless!


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