Whom God Loves

Sunday Readings. As I write this is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. or Triumph of the Cross. Without going into detail the last couple of days have been high and low. Causing, on my part, some worry. It’s my nature. My sweetie and I have the “worry” conversation frequently. I know, I know, “worry about nothing, pray about everything and the peace of God will knock my socks off” Well God’s gonna have to deal with it because he made me this way. So there!

sunset in the bronxI ended up not going to either of the local parishes for Mass. While arriving late to Mass is not one of my favorite things to do; I would have been late or very early near home so late it was. I can live with that.

This was the first time in a long time that a homily held my attention in a way that had me setting aside any other thoughts. Yes, yes, I should listen to them all, however there was something about this young priest, his honesty, something that drew me in, in an unexpected way. He preached from his heart making very clear observations, calling the congregation to conversion of heart and action and wholly gutting some current “philosophy”. A woman in front of me vocally agreed with him more than once with a spoken, “Amen!”

I took a moment to look this guy up online and while he’s not as young age wise, he was ordained 3 years ago. Bonus! He preaches like a friend of mine.

Major points: grace, mercy, compassion, patience, conversion, justice. He preached that “calling to mind of our sins” and that moment of forgiveness at the beginning of Mass. Think he says, think about them, call them to mind so that you are forgiven for them and receive Communion in a state of Grace. He spoke of personal responsibility and working on keeping our emotions in check. He spoke of being grateful and expressing this gratitude. He spoke of compassion – true compassion. Compassion that expresses itself through kindness, accountability and Discipleship – discipline. God disciplines those he loves. Tied it all the way back to the readings, oh yes he did.

CAM01719As often happens there is a bit of time between when I start a post and finish it, this is no different. I woke up with a Matt Maher tune in my head, and in turning on the radio I heard the one below. The phrase that caught my attention that first verse. It summarizes so much – flirting with the world. Wanting to catch the attention of the world. Wanting the world to pay attention to me, wanting to be liked and loved by a world that sets aside God for something fleeting, changing, twisting in the wind.
My own thinking twists thinking that I can change it, the world. I can’t. All I can really do is cling to God for my identity, work toward actively protecting that “pearl of great price” that I so actively sought after for years. Without going into a lot of detail there has been some deep hurt that I allowed to start driving a wedge in my faith. Allowed me to think that flirting with the world was a great idea. Allowed me to behave on that flirting in a way that had me questioning so much about who I am and where God wants me to be. Had me asserting my will in life, causing a lot of anxiety.

“Sing Over Your Children” Matt Maher

I flirt with the world
It steals my love for You
My fear grips my faith
And I am left unmoved

Your gaze stops my heart
Your voice fills the dark
Your love is the spark that lights this life
So we rise

Out of the depths you cry
Come and be satisfied
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

You quiet the storm
Inside my shipwrecked soul
Your spirit will lead
It calls the wayward home

At the sound of Your name
Our sin is washed away
In Christ we’re crucified
In You we die, in You we rise

Out of the depths you cry
Come and be satisfied
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

Let us see through Your eyes
We are Your great delight
Father You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

And we’re singing along
Your daughters and sons
We’re singing Your song
We are Your children

Out of the depths you cry
Come and be satisfied
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

Let us see through Your eyes
We are Your great delight
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

I do my best to be positive and will do my best to put on that happy face when I’m with people. It doesn’t always work, nor should it. Sometimes corrective words and actions need to be said and taken. That is a good thing. Very good. As this youngish Priest said the other day, “God corrects those whom he loves”. Hence the whole 40 years in the desert, Jonah in the belly of the whale. It’s why good things are ruined – because those in leadership fail to take the corrective action necessary and form the people in their charge. Deep sigh. Thank you God for loving me enough to let me hear this homily, to listen, to hear You.

bushkill falls 2As quilters I think it’s important to set an example of kindness towards one another. It doesn’t always happen. I think it’s important to continue to extend a hand of friendship when you’re hand is being smacked. I think it’s important to deal with problems in a way that is respectful of both parties. That means, to me, looking for more information before commenting on controversial posts, blogs etc. It means owning and taking the consequences of when I’ve failed to do my very best or have completely failed. It means being grateful for my successes. And oh so much more. It means letting go of hurt and forgiving. It means embracing the Peace of God so my heart settles.

I am off for a busy, busy day.

God bless!


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