Even if…

perfectiony’all know I have something of a bizarr-o mind making connections in a way that seems weird. Okay it’s weird to me that how things write themselves. I’m on the way home tonight the song Even if by Kutlass came on. So what pops into my head when I see the words “Even if” the early division among the early Church communities saying “I belong to Peter, I belong to Paul, I belong to Apollos”; I think about the disciples and apostles vying for the seats of power, Mary and Martha yada, yada, and the list goes on. I could cite both the “Old” and “New” with reference after reference of divisions and divisive people but it the blog post would end up being 9 pages long and you’d get bored, pull your hair out and take this blog out of your bookmarks.
As I pondered further I thought about the divisions in the quilting community
hand quilters
machine quilter
long arm quilter
hand piecers
hand appliquer
fusible appliquers
machine piecers
machine appliquers
machine piecers and hand quilters
hand piecers and machine quilter
quilters who only use cotton
quilters who consider themselves traditional
art quilters
modern quilters
quilters who use multiple layers of batting
quilters who use polyester thread
quilters who shop at big box stores (I’ll admit to an aversion of this)
quilters who only shop with independent retailers
quilters who have high end machinesquilters who have low end machines
quilters who quilt for a living
quilters who follow this quilter
quilters who follow that quilter
quilters who follow the other quilter
quilters who are amazing at piecing
quilters who use rulers
quilters who don’t
quilters who use variegate
quilters who won’t
quilters who drink red wine
quilters who drink white wine
quilters who drink water
quilters who drink chocolate milk
quilters who knit
quilters who choose quilting thread to blend in
quilters who choose quilting thread to stand out
quilters who are new
quilters who are not so new
quilters who teach
quilters who write patterns
quilters who go on political rants
quilters who won’t go on political rants
quilters who have a strong sense of faith
quilters who don’t have a particular faith
quilters who…
Notice one thing?

We’re all quilters. Even if we do different things, like different colors, write books, patters, are leaders or are followers, are brave risk taking pushing the limits kind of quilters, whether we’re BadAss or just not – we’re all quilters who love to quilt. We love what quilting allows us to enter into – a moment of the divine that draws us closer to our Creator, particularly when we’re open. we can spend time appreciating the work (the Creative work) that goes into our quilts and.
A quilter can hope.
Even if

God bless!


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