Glory? Glory!

Glory! Glory! Glory!
in the Highest, Highest!
Glory! Glory! Glory!
in the Highest Highest!
This is the refrain running through my head this morning…from Fellowship Creative.

Madonna Laurie Tigner thank  youI don’t know why but I was also thinking about hair. Weird I know, right. Like most people my train of thought resembles more of a Harold and the Purple Crayon kind of pathway or “God writes straight with crooked lines”.

I’m also reading Diana Gabaldon A Breath of Snow and Ashes – where St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is mention and it clicked.
Earning a living
Making a living wageBeing made to feel less than
Feeling less than
This is something that comes up over and over again.
And no I do not feel less than because I am a woman, or my hair is short or not covered when I worship or wear short skirts. I did a long time ago however time and experience, maturing and developing a healthier sense of self and trusting more deeply in the gifts that God has given.
Being a woman is a gift. One that I cherish. Being an introvert (not to be confused with my outgoing/goofy way of being) is a cherished gift. Being a quilter is a gift and that leading into the teaching I’ve always felt called to…priceless.
There is another thought related that is niggling at the edge of my brain needing more time to flower and bloom.
Happy Sunday!


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