We wouldn’t ask that of. . .

This spoke to my heart this morning. That kind of goes along with part of this.
There are so many things right in Sarah Millican’s response to all of the negative comments and attacks on her for what she was wearing. Something she rightly points out would not be asked of a guy or a thinner woman. A thinner woman would have been complimented for a fashion forward or delightfully retro look.
back of Moon Over ManhattanAnd she rightfully thought she was there to be judged on her comedy. She was, not how she dressed.
Sarah was excited to be there and should have been allowed to enjoy that. Instead many, many chose to rob her of that joy.
And her well written response simply calls people out. I find it amazing that people say thing in an on-line forum that they would never say in person and would be deeply hurt and offended (rightly so) if someone said it to them! Over the last few years I’ve become much more mindful of what I say overall, particularly on-line because I just don’t know how things are going to be received when my intonations and face can not be seen. It doesn’t always work.
One person that I want to meet has backed out of interacting on facebook and blogging because of the negative comments. So. Not. Fair.
My head has so many bits of Scripture rattling around I’m not sure which one to choose. All I can say is I am, we are called to be kind to people. We all have our own faults and failings that cause us deep pain already that is made deeper when people point it out to us! This makes us defensive and puts up walls that are difficult to break through.
Kinder – that’s the word of the day – kinder.

God bless!


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