Kelly Ann 001Joy.

I started looking ahead at the readings for the next week or so: today, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I was particularly drawn in by the Psalms and the theme of joy and happiness threading through. It’s Easter, we’re supposed to be joyful, grateful, animated. The joy we experience should be evident in our body, a physical response. Our joy comes out in so many ways. My joy comes out in ways that I often perceive as goofy. If I have pictures I’m not sure where they are; when I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity I started learning how to clown. We started in a group setting with an exercise that helped us figure out what type of clown we are: for me white faced. I do tend towards being rather serious. It takes a lot of energy to be goofy – which I seriously aspire to. Get it, seriously aspire. HAHAHA I crack myself up.
It does take work to be joyful. It’s hard slog sometimes to be grateful and happy.
Anything worthwhile doing takes some kind of work.
Work is good and holy – we know that from early on in Scripture. One of the first things God does in Genesis is give Adam work.

Olfa rotary cutter anniversary goofingHere’s one of the few photos from Quilt Market last week. Happy, joyful, you bet! I am still on a post-Market happy. Tired. Quiet. But Happy.
PHOTO CREDIT – one of the gals from Olfa in their booth which was right across from the Generation Q Magazine booth.
Why am I lifting my foot? Wearing yellow socks.
This is my body on quilting. Happy and joyful.

Gone Quilting!


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