Comparatively speaking

Kelly Ann 001Feelings often give a clue into our interior life. Feelings want to, need to be acknowledged. Acknowledging feelings doesn’t mean giving in to them or giving them power over you it’s just accepting them for what they are.
Feelings of inadequacy plague me. They always have and probably always will. Instead of fighting them I am more often choosing to acknowledge them for what they are: feelings. Just because I feel inadequate doesn’t mean that I am inadequate. These feelings heighten in moments when I want to take a risk and “put out into the deep”.  The feelings heighten when I start comparing myself to others. It’s a common thing this comparing. Time spent comparing is time wasted that I can never get back. It’s in those times that I stumble and fall because I’m not watching where I’m going.
In just 3 short days I will need to acknowledge the feelings, gently setting them aside to take a risk and do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity. And if it doesn’t happen now I will at least know that I took the risk and this way is not the way to go, for me. And I’ll be grateful.

God bless!


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