Moments of Memory

moon over manhattan april 16 3There are two other moments, nope 3, that stand out in my faith journey that have such amazing memory. Though they are years apart they are related in a beautiful way.
Chrism or Holy (Blessed) Oil is used for several different life events: Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism & Confirmation), anointing those who are sick and for those being ordained to the Priesthood.
Over and over in scripture we see people in a variety of situations being anointed – on Monday this week we recounted the moment in John’s Gospel of Mary anointing Jesus with “costly perfumed oil” the fragrance filling the house. These are often occasions of great importance in the life of the person being anointed. And Jesus being anointed prior to his death is an occasion to remember.
First memory – my own Confirmation. There were a good number of folks coming into full Communion that year. I remember standing in the line with my sweetie (who was my sponsor) and the Priest anointing my head with the Chrism. Truth: I didn’t want to take a shower I loved the fragrance so much! Oh how I loved that moment, how I love that moment.
Moment 2 – attending the Chrism Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This is such a beautiful Mass, it’s rich in symbolism and beauty. Not only are the oils blessed for the year but the Priests renew their commitment to God and the Church at this Mass.
Moment 3 – my God Daughters Baptism. I held her as she was anointed: head, hands and chest with oil and the water poured over her head. At the celebration after I kept smelling her head drinking in the fragrance of this newly welcomed member of the Body of Christ. She’s growing up to be quite the young lady – a little goofy like her God Mother I’d say.
These are memories I treasure and hold in my heart grateful to have actively participated in each one.
More as this week continues and more quilting!

God bless!


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