I’m Divin’ in


Chorus: I’m diving in, I’m going deep, in over my head I want to be
Caught in the rush, tossed in the flow, in over my head I want to go
The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive
So sink or swim, I’m diving in (I’m diving in…)

Ponder 1Pondering alert:

The last couple of days this has been rattling around my noggin. Along with “I’m divin’ in” memories and snippets of conversations have bubbled up to the surface bringing a shift in thinking. I’ve never considered myself to be much of a risk taker, I’m rethinking that. I’ve considered myself impulsive, that’s true to some degree, however I’m rethinking that as well. I’m rethinking much of this because of two words, “I wish”.
A while back I connected with my best friend from high school what an amazing gift. We were chatting and she told me how brave she thought I was: when college didn’t work out I went to volunteer for 2+ years. I went from being devastated that dream didn’t work out to being content with moving to Georgia to volunteer. Those years – as they are in most young adult lives – are formative, defining. I had no idea that the deep longing to be in God’s service, to teach would lead there, let alone here.
I wish” these words are oft spoken by those of us longing for some event to take place in our lives, a major problem to be resolved, a person that we’re in conflict with to change their mind about whatever the situation, some perfect moment that will make everything all amazing (in our perspective). Quilters wish: for more “talent”, better “skill”, a sharp rotary cutter – well that’s just necessary, the “best” sewing machine,  just the right “moment” so that everything falls into place and voila! the perfect quilt.
quilting Serendipity gone huge 081“I wish” are words oft filled with a deep sense of hope seeking something good. This spoken/written “I wish” allows me to see more of the quilting world and I get to enter into the lives of so many people. While not a direct faith sharing experience, I get to whisper in people’s ears, you’re getting there, keep going, don’t give up, trust that this will happen.
I’m going to tell you two secrets:
1) Good quilting requires work
2) work is good – it comes from God

Nope, I’m going to tell you three
3) talent is just hard work well done

And now a slightly different perspective
1) faith requires work: reading/study/prayer
2) work is good
3) work draws us in ever closer to, ever deeper in the Water that refreshes our soul

The rivers water is alive, so sink or swim, I’m divin’ in” I’m diving into this new quilterly work, while continuing a lot of other quilterly work. I ask your prayerful support through this! And I appreciate that a lot! I continue to see your prayers for a special request as well.

God bless!


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