fantastic art version 2Giving up things is good.
After all Jesus gave up his earthly life for us. So there’s something good to come from giving stuff up. We give things up for so many reasons, mostly for the love of another person and truthfully for the good healthy love of ourselves. When we practice Lent well we replace that which we are giving up with something good, something holy. Something that continues to direct us to the good, to others and to God.
2653Each year I consider giving up chocolate and other sweets. Mmm. No. I’ve considered giving up coffee, but it would not be good. No. That would be a 40 day headache not only for me but for others. Yiyiyi. God gave us coffee and chocolate for very good reasons. He loves us. 🙂 Giving up cheese is also an option. The last few years I’ve given up something really challenging, something that makes an impact for months! I’ve given up commenting on other peoples driving skill (or lack thereof) in the car. Giving up coffee would make giving this up impossible. I am going to do this again this year because it’s something good. I do start praying for and generally blessing those drivers, I start thinking about them differently instead of inconsiderate oh never mind, I live in the City so you get what happens.
Lent will be a bit different this year I will need to very carefully focus on work. This spring will be a raining/pouring season. A lot of what I’ll be doing will be behind the scenes, I’m fine with that. Pray for me and continue praying for a special intention. I appreciate it!
Lent is a time to grow in Holiness and closer to the Lord.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Lent

  1. a long time ago someone told me that they thought it was too restrictive to give up something during Lent so they decided to pick something that would be a benefit…..give of themselves…more in keeping with the spirit…..God gave, Jesus gave, the Holy Spirit gives…… I lean ths way anyway.
    since I became a non-denominal Christian, I really don’t do the whole lent thing. I do, however, still react all catholic when I hear, “may the force be with you.” yep, and also with you.

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