The worst thing that can happen

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For the last week or so I’ve been trying to write a blog on forgiveness. Talk about a “Bang Head Here” week. Just.Not.Happening. Every time I sat to write the words were all wrong. I know deep down that blog will happen, I know not when.
I started doodling years ago. It was pretty awful. And by awful I mean bad. Really bad. Like I don’t have any of them to show you. Nope not a one. I have quilt samples too. Awful. But ya know what? I practiced both doodling and quilting. And now
I’m not so awful.
I practiced.

and practiced

and practiced.

Wanna know one of my secrets?

One of the most important things I do in quilting now?

I practice.

Surprised? Please don’t be. It’s the onCAM00991ly way I know to get better at what I do and improve my skill. Practice is the only way I know to become familiar enough with my machine and learn its quirks. It’s the only way I know how to teach. That’s right, it’s the only way I know how to teach. To show  you how I practice pairing needles and thread and tension settings. How I get straight lines and consistent feathers. It’s how I come up with designs for the quilts I eventually send out for competition.
Failure is an option but just because we fail at something doesn’t mean that we weren’t meant to do it. Failure and disappointment show us what isn’t working for us and where we need to change and grow. Failure and disappointment give us greater opportunities because we know what’s NOT working. In our quilt making we have seam rippers – the erasers of the quilting world! They are so very important!
Letting go of our fear of failing will make the whole learning and quilting process so much easier.  It will allow us to quilt outside the lines or change up what we’re doing inside the lines.

Failure leads us to Mercy for ourselves and others.
Failure leads us to Compassion for ourselves and others.
Failure leads to Kindness for ourselves and others.
Failure leads us to living a Beatitudinal life.
Failure leads us to a deeper understanding of the Our Father.

Be kind to yourself. Recognize that practice and failure allow us the opportunities to grow and become closer to God and better at our quilting.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “The worst thing that can happen

  1. Thank Heavenly Father for sweet you and your points of view. I just opened your message this am after rushing start to a “beginner” quilt kit. I’m hoping to finish today for my grandson. He is having his first birthday party Saturday. With a pirate theme. His Daddy’s favorite was a Goonies party do I guess he is trying to relive a little. Well 2 days and the top is still not done. Appliqué and kaliedoscope blocks are not my idea of beginner projects. But I am learning! And was smart enough to order extra fabrics!. There is a scrappy boys quilt in my future too! And blessing 3 last fall I bought a kaliedscope ruler and book thinking oh maybe someday I could aspire to making one. So now I’m only tackling four large squares for a side panel but have tools. Thanks for your encouraging words. I now feel more like The Lord will provide a way. Hugs

  2. our ladies group was just discussing the topic of forgiveness and how hard it can be…for the big and the little. Even got several emails and blogs talking about it…..this is number three just today. Boy, I have some forgiveness to unlock somewhere!!
    Here’s hoping you are one step closer!

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