A wee bit Giddy

I have exactly zero pictures from this but good memories.

I arrived home last night with some really delightful memories, some affirmed insight and with a deeper appreciation for how Our Father, through the gift of the Holy Spirit leads us.

Saturday I flew out to California for a guild gig. My friend picked me up at the airport and drove over to another friends house for dinner. We had a delightful reunion and conversation. And our friends husband made the best steak. Oh my goodness!

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and I geared up to teach. I brought a lot of little samples to show the quilters and we talked needles, thread, tension and got into stitching. I let the quilters borrow some of my thread. And throughout the day I received affirmations that what I’m teaching is so key to helping quilters improve their machine stitching that well, I have some BIG (for me) work to finally finish. Also the “mind blown” look on my friends face at one point during the day held some deep insight that we talked about later.

Sunday evening into Monday I was on my own. I ordered food and thought I’m over ordering! The hotel room had a little refrigerator so I wasn’t too worried. Part of my concern was that I ordered dessert, which I haven’t had in months for a couple of reasons. One being this big breakthrough in spiritual direction that permitted me to stop eating my feelings. Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how freeing that was. The guild members left fruit and other snacks and water in a gift bag for me, I was so grateful. Sunday evening I could not stop eating. At first I kept thinking what is wrong with me and then I thought I’m not eating because I’m bored or stressed so I must need this and let the negative/shaming thoughts go. As I reflected on this and the last teaching gig I had a couple of insights: first that when teaching there is a lot of both physical and brain/emotional energy expended and in that we need calories, good calories, to sustain or replenish the ones we’ve used up; then generally what’s available is sugary treats – which give us these little bursts which spike our blood sugar levels, then peter out quickly as we continue to move around. At future gigs I’m going to get nuts and/or cheese as snacks for sustenance. Fruit is good too, because of the fiber level but the nuts and cheese give sustained energy. While I know this, Sunday evening really drove it home.

Monday I had something of a prayer day reading, journaling some, reaching out to my spiritual director and preparing for speaking at the guild that evening. When I teach I emphatically tell my students not to point out the flaws in their work and then proceed to do so myself because I want them to know that even accomplished quilters aren’t perfect despite what they see. One of the quilts I share is so obviously flawed but it’s also gloriously perfect as a quilt that has many tips and hints for improving quilting skill that not sharing this quilt would be a disservice.

Tuesday morning my friend picked me up to spend the morning together before taking me to the airport. As I got into the passenger seat I asked if we could go to Christ (the former Crystal) Cathedral, which as it happened was right around the corner. So off we went. (I love that we made a wee pilgrimage) We spent some time in the Catholic goods shop before going to the Cathedral itself There’s a little prayer chapel too for the lighting of candles. I’m grateful that sometimes I listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Next up toes in the Pacific, ice cream and the airport. Handels ice cream is well worth the visit because their ice cream is really good and because their small is huge and worth every penny and so so good. And when I get the name of this place I’ll share it, it was that good. I found the name! I found the name. It’s such good ice cream!

I’m going to go into my sewing room, get inspired and quilt for almost the rest of the day.


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