Hallow, Practice, & Lent

Prayers for Ukraine: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, St. Michael the Archangel.
Prayers for Russia: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, St. Michael the Archangel.


For the last several months I’ve enjoyed the Hallow app to aid in my prayer life. There are so many places I’m still exploring in Faith and in the app that are speaking to this parched soul so deeply in need of Jesus. The app has aided in something I knew I needed, practice. Practice. Practice. Practice is sometimes messy, tedious, hard, easy, dynamic, dry, painful, messy, did I mention messy? It’s more about showing up and being as present as possible, and making the effort even if it’s half-hearted. Sometimes half-hearted is the best we can do. Sometimes we can’t even do half-hearted we can get there and hope that we can do something, anything. While sitting at the island in the kitchen the other day, writing some words in my journal I got a taste of how I used to pray and enjoyed it, and I know why I want it to change. I love the focus of writing out the prayer; I also long for the journal to become something deeper, perhaps incorporating both prayer and thought.

Abiding Together is a new-to-me podcast with Heather Khym, Michelle Benzinger & Sr. Miriam James SOLT, that is a conversation on Faith that is delightful and deep. Listening to HerStory: Mary Magdalene from the Abiding Together Podcast Season 9 where Sr Miriam James shared a couple of things that brought me to tears. Including a story of a young boy who had days, oh he had days where freak out level 10 was unlocked at first light of day. On these days, when all other coping mechanisms didn’t quite make do the principal would come to the classroom, get on his level, speak soothingly and calmly, and sometimes just hold his hand for the rest of the day taking him with her wherever she had anything to do. This is such a beautiful way to accompany a child who is in great need. To hold hands. To be with, to assure of presence and hold onto. When I was having a spiritual meltdown a few years ago I’m sure God was holding my hand as I cried and wept and called out for Him.

As I, as we, as I look toward Lent there is still a wondering where and how God is leading in this Lenten Journey. A few years ago I posted that Lent is a Tsunami of Grace. Because it is. 2022 is a big year in a sense, a thirty year anniversary of the return home to the Church, and later in the year my wedding to my Sweetie. During Lent because of my Baptism I needed to go to Confession before the Vigil Mass. Sometimes it is better to not have a whole lot of preparation for diving into a Sacrament. Even though I was in RCIA the preparation was limited, for me it was a conversation with my Sweetie, an anxious time trying to think of all the things I needed to bring to Confession. After Confession, perhaps for the first time ever, I experienced the tsunami of grace available to us in the Sacrament. Over the last several months I’ve gone to Confession and Spiritual Direction regularly.

One of the beautiful things about about quilting the uniqueness of the doing of quilting. There are rules that provide the framework and foundation for each of us. However even in the rules there is room for flexibility. From when I started to now things have changed from new tools and machines to computer programs and apps to help us. Tutorials galore. And interestingly I think we need ALL of this. Because what works for me might not work for you. The tools that make sense to my brain might not for you. My love of all things thread doesn’t translate to everyone, well, not yet anyway. As I’ve mentioned my seam ripper is my favorite tool. And with that I’m headed into the shower and up to the studio and the office.

Happy Stitching,


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