A different look

Sometime after Jen Fulwiler posted this video on Instagram I downloaded the Hallow app.

Hang with me here friends this will have the Teri Lucas quilting winding thing happening. I’m still working my way through St. Francis de Sales Introduction to the Devout Life, sometimes I pause the reading because I need to think and absorb things. One of the things he mentions in the Introduction is that when you’re struggling go to prayer more, rather than setting it aside as is our natural bent. While I don’t *feel* like I’m struggling particularly there was a draw to adding something so I went with it. The first particular thing was adding the Advent Challenge, after it started as happens and I enjoyed the beauty and daily commitment. Because I can listen to somethings while doing others I started listening to the Daily Reflections.

The App has great features from the Bible in a Year, and a variety of prayers to a Journal and sleep meditations.

And here’s where I wander back to both the theme of the last couple of years and the title of this days post: A different look or take on what I’ve heard over the years. This reflection on the Gospel of Mark 1: 29 to 39 (scroll down for the reading from Mark) Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-law:

On leaving the synagogue he entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John. Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever. They immediately told him about her. He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up. Then the fever left her and she waited on them..

It dawned on me this morning (cue tweeting birds, bright sunshine and the “ahhhhhhhh!”) that Peter loved his Mother-in-law so much that he sought out Jesus to heal her. Peter LOVED his mother-in-law. And Peter’s Mother-in-Love (for love is in itself a law that necessarily seeks the good of the other) responds to this gift of being made well by fulfilling the beauty of her mission in life, caring for the needs of others. There is a prayer tradition we see in the Psalms of call and response where one part of the community says one line of the Psalm, the call, and the other part of the community prays the next line, the response. So it is in life, we are called and respond. Peter’s mother-in-love was called, and her response LOVE is to serve others. This is a place where she finds joy. God calls, we respond.

It is shocking to me that it took so long to see this wildly beautiful healing and gift. To see once more the beauty of responding to God’s call, God’s healing, God’s touch. Jeff points out one other thing that is wildly beautiful: Jesus goes off to pray, to connect with God His Father. It is from this place in which He proceeds. Oh there are thoughts that are struggling for attention here that need time pondering and connecting before sharing. Oh! this is where both St. Francis de Sales, Jen’s Video and the Hallow app all come together – the need for more prayer rather than less. The need for more connection rather than less. The need to ponder more rather than less, the deep need to be open to that which the Spirit is trying to show me both in Scripture and in daily living. And there is the deep understanding that we build each skill over time. Prayer is the response of our heart, and it is a skill set. I get annoyed with the distractions however I’m beginning to understand that the distractions are promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of daily living, y’all know I’m a quilter and have long worked towards making the connection between the work of our hands and our life of faith. While this is specific to quilting for me this work might even be spread sheets. Responding to the artistry, creativity of it all is a response to how God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit, are calling in our life. And with that I share the text from the Cedarbrake page and a link to sign up for the quilters retreat.

Making a quilt is often experienced as a practical skill that keeps us warm on cool winter nights, to snuggle a little one, or keep a cancer patient warm through treatment, and indeed it is. Making a quilt is a creative experience and can help us grow in our relationship with God. In this retreat, led by Terri Lucas, there will be two options for quilt making: one piecing a simple quilt, one machine quilting. Mixed in with the quilting will be times for prayer, quiet reflection and holy mass. Teri is a wife, author on quilting and is a member of St. Helen’s parish in Georgetown. Through quilting she’s learned to stitch with Reckless Abandon and deepen her prayer life. Teri will send a supplies list to those who sign up and bring supplies with her. The costs is $270 for a private room, $230 for a shared room and $130 for commuters. If one wishes, quilts made during the retreat can be donated to the Annunciation Home in Georgetown. You can see more of Teri’s work on: Link to Retreat page

I’m also taking a moment before continuing to share Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists. And now back to our regularly scheduled program. This last couple of months I’ve worked on a quilt that is exhibiting next week at Road to California, a major quilt show. This last two weeks putting bindings and sleeves, and working on handouts (that are at the printer). Some of these are quilts I never expected or planned to finish. (I have one major prayer request in all of this!) One thing I am certain of, I am a quilter, and I am more of a night owl. I have this delightful burst of energy after my Sweetie goes to sleep, which is in part how these quilts have bindings and sleeves. I’ve also taken to quirky bindings. I guarantee noone is shocked by this. Dear friends I appreciate your prayer as I head to Road to California and prepare for next months retreat.

God bless,

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