It’s not as though I’m keeping my Thoughts to Myself

Nearly every morning since early September I’ve watched the sunrise from my front porch. I remain in awe of the unique beauty of each further revealing the mystery of Creation. Less obscured by buildings and God’s object d’art these moments fill the sky with sublime beauty. One sunrise the firmament was so clear, the morning just cool enough that I could not help but put the phone down and watch the sun rise moment by moment. While ever a fan of the shades and tones of oranges and reds and yellows and deep blues of early morning that particular sunrise captured my attention like no other.

These weeks since last writing to share with you have included: finishing a couple of books including Jen Fulwilers “Your Blue Flame,” and Fr Albert Haase’s “Saying Yes,” and a pause in reading St. Francis de Sales “Introduction to the Devout Life.” I’m waiting to move forward on that one for my friend to catch up with me and for us to have time to chat.

In reading Jen Fulwilers book it dawned on me that we can, and often do, have more than one thing that we do that brings us life and brings life to others. This call, this vocation, this avocation often illumines the path for others in ways we may never see as we are simply doing that thing we are called to do and being who we are called to be.

When talking with quilt students I frequently tell them to say, “Look at what I did!” Rather than pointing out the missteps. We know where all of the flaws in our work are, and more often than not people will see the overall beauty of what we do. I’m not forgetting either the inner critic who often has a point, nor those critics who find it necessary to publish every review simply to point out our flaws, or keep someone humble because that’s their blue flame and it should burn brighter than anyone else’s. Besides living rent free in someone else’s head and dimming their light is such a good thing.

One of the moat sublime things I’ve discovered through teaching and through direct and active ministry is a gift for encouraging people. I’d like to say more here however I’ll leave it there.

Today I go upstairs to the studio to fan the flames of quilting and video a class. I can’t tell you how exciting this is nor can I tell you there isn’t a learning curve. Whew! There is one and it seems steep! However it’ll be good to have this info available in video format. Please pray for me.

I’ll share more later this week.

God bless,


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