Retreat Coming Soon

Autumn is by far, my favorite season, followed closely by spring. The last few mornings the porch is the place for morning coffee, reading, and prayer. The sunrises. Oh.

The temps and humidity level are simply delightful, and the coffee tastes so much better As usual I’m flitting between three books, and am about to dig into a fourth because at some point the others will be finished and no book can walk alone. Just sayin’.

I was at a quilt show helping friends for the weekend when I learned of Ronnie’s passing and remember the moment well. As Sister related some of her last year – one of not remembering how do once well practiced tasks and the frustration that came with it – I was at once happy for her, sad for her family and missing my friend. Veronica O’Connor‘s Obituary link. I’d been reaching out to her to see if we might be able to finally work on the faith based quilt retreat we’d talked about for a long time. When I told her what I wanted to do she offered to take care of the background work so I could focus on the retreat itself. Talk about a complementarity of gifts.

This brings me to:

A few months ago I started Spiritual Direction at the Diocese of Austin retreat center, Cedarbrake. Towards the end of the first meeting I mention the retreat possibility of a faith based quilt retreat to him, he gave me the contact information for the guy who runs the retreat center. After a bit of back and forth he’s willing to give this a try, however two things needed to happen first 1) Ethics and Integrity in Ministry training and 2) approval as a lay presenter in the diocese. The EIM training happened quickly as it was offered at the parish within a few days; the approval as a Lay presenter took a bit longer as the office at the diocese was backlogged. The approval happened and I’m honored to share with you that in February I’ll be hosting the retreat at Cedarbrake. At some point soon there will be an ad in our diocesan paper.

A Quilters Retreat: Stitching Faith and Creativity Together

Making a quilt is often experienced as a practical skill that keeps us warm on cool winter nights, to snuggle a little one, or keep a cancer patient warm through treatment, and indeed it is. Making a quilt is creative and can help us grow in our relationship with God. Through the retreat we will have two options for quilt making one piecing a simple quilt, one machine quilting. Teri will longarm any quilts made during the retreat for donation to Annunciation Home in Georgetown. Teri will send a supplies list and bring supplies with her.

Teri Lucas is a wife, quilter and author, a revert to our Catholic Faith, and moved to Texas in 2020. Through quilting she’s learned to stitch with Reckless Abandon and deepen her prayer life. You can see more of Teri’s work on: A Quilters Heart ( is Teri’s faith blog and TerifiCreations

As soon as I have a link to sign up for the retreat I’ll share it here. In the meantime I ask for your prayerful support.

God bless,


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