Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters Day 27: Giving Over

Okay, I didn’t see that title happening. The original add-on title was Condemnation which comes from, is flitting about my head as a result of reading the chapter on the Woman Caught in Adultery for our book study this week. Every time I read the story about this woman I get a little pissed and I want to know who it was and how they knew she was committing adultery. And I want to know if SHE was caught in the act and brought to Jesus, where was the other person. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. I mean seriously. Adultery requires more than one person violating their marital vows. Why just bring her, why not bring them both. Why not, if it was the custom at the time (and NO I do not condone this) stone them BOTH.

And then there’s Jesus. Down on the ground with her. My heart is moved by two things here, His Compassion, and the directive to go and sin no more. There were likely other consequences for this woman, being shunned by the community. People whispering about her, the looks and glances. However her dignity as a human being is restored. It also becomes clear at some point that most of those who were healed, and forgiven by Jesus went onto be evangelists in some way. Telling others about the things he’d done for them. This woman expected a painful death by an outraged mob. She was given a new life, a new lease on life, an opportunity to live fully and completely.

In one way this causes me to examine my own conscience: when have I joined in the crowd condemning someone, feeling oh so self righteous because I didn’t do that particular sin.

And then this article by Simcha Fisher came up in my twitter feed. I was at once reminded about the time when I almost left the Church. Over the weekend I was sharing part of the experience without revealing too much because there are other people involved. I can assure you it is hard learning to know of other peoples sinful behavior for so, so many reasons. What made it personally hard is that in this experience no recourse was given for correction or an adjustment of the work. I know full well I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, that snark is often received as mean, and that sometimes the best I can do is not good enough.

Last week I was able to finally start quilting again after a week of below freezing temps and waiting an extra couple of days to make sure there are no leaks from the roof. One of the quilts that’s been in my to-do stack is done. It was on the frame when I put the tarp on. I’d like to say it mocked me during that time however every day I looked around the ceiling for signs of leaks and there were not it gave me hope I’d get this quilt done. Sunday I put another one on the frame which is a practice piece for a quilt I want to do. I’m kind of annoyed with myself that I didn’t seem to take this practice piece a bit more seriously. It will do what I want it to do – give me a piece to practice and continue developing my free-motion skills on a long arm but it’s not quite what I need it to do which is reflect the quilt I want to make. Now I’m sitting here wondering if this matters, or is it more important to practice, practice, practice. I think I just answered my own question.

I’m not sure I can explain the title other than I long to give over to Jesus, to become the woman of faith I am created to be, and that includes becoming the quilter I’m created to be. I’m not sure I can relate the whole post together. Other than to say sometimes both in faith or quilting things seem oddly disjointed to me, and I’m reminded that God writes straight with crooked lines.

I’m going to ask for prayers for several intentions: including Mom going through a divorce/custody situation for an outcome that best meets the needs of her kid; for a couple of teenagers who’ve been molested; a family who’s dad has cancer; for another friend who has cancer; for a family wanting and needing to move; for those entering the Church at Easter this year.

God bless,


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