Longing for Hope

When posts take a long time to write, they will either not happen or I’m waiting for something. Last night I drove into Austin to hear Leticia Ochoa Adams give “God Loves you More Than you Think He Does.” We as a Church need to hear Leticia’s testimony more frequently. It is a rarity for anyone to speak this kind of truth with the certainty of God’s Love for her. It is a rarity for anyone to speak this kind of truth with an understanding of Church teaching and a willingness to correct others in love. It is a rarity for a woman to speak of loving her children passionately to understand their faith walk belongs to them, to support each child along the way where they are, rather than where they want them to be. Leticia is a pearl, purchased with great price. We need her story with all of the glorious mess that it is, for it gives witness to the Risen Christ. Dear Parishes HIRE HER! Leticia has started a website with Catholic Speakers of Color. It’s time to look at our woundedness and bring it to Jesus. Here’s the first step.


We know that all things work for good for those who love God,*
who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Hope is contained in that verse.
Hope that this present moment conforms to God’s will, His purpose. Oh the use of awkward phrasing is annoying.

I woke up with Romans 8:28 on my mind shortly thereafter I apologized to God for giving over to discouragement in the midst of the opportunities to grow in holiness being offered At My Own Request. Long before we ever learned the song Oceans, St. Ignatius prayed, “Take Lord, Receive” and whatever you want Lord and lead me guide me, and wherever you go I will go. I want to say I didn’t do so well, I’m not sure that that is the correct answer. This is still my prayer in my relationship with God. I wanted then while praying “Take Lord, Receive”

No matter what each moment is an opportunity for us to grow in holiness.


Recently I read this post from The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia speaking on the Beatles, the joy they had in their work, and the joy she found in that work. Alternately reading Elizabeth’s post and listening to the Beatles music I got what Elizabeth said, the Beatles had something sublime going on, that joy, that deep connected to God experience that comes when you’re doing the work you’re called to do.

I wrote this on Elizabeth’s fb page “I’ve never been a fan of the Beatles perhaps it’s time to take a new look with these thoughts in mind. I know something of the sheer joy of getting deeply into the God-given gift. It is a sublime moment, difficult to describe, ever longed for, and sought after. Those moments remind me of receiving Eucharist that moment when the experience of God’s Presence here…now. Alive. ” (And today’s post is powerful)

Trees by the Water

Sometimes when I’m quilting my Sweetie startles me, like freaking me out kind of startling. He will start calling my name, then knocking on the door. When that doesn’t work he’ll call my name and knock on something closer to me. When that doesn’t work he’ll touch my shoulder. By then he’s been speaking my name for a few minutes. I can feel that moment at my fingertips as I type. All of who I am fully present into quilting. Deeply there. Those moments, when the all of my being is fully present to the free-motion machine quilting, it is here that I get what Elizabeth is speaking of, that deep connected to God moment.

All things work together for good. It is the struggle that is our journey towards holiness. 2020 is simply a call to holiness, a call to say, “Hey, I’m still here. Miss me? ’cause I miss you deeply.”

God bless,


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