Dancing in the Rain

Right after I spoke with my husband, once again learning that the closing day is not yet set, I looked at our TX realtors website to learn that the house that I really liked is under contract taking backups. Oh woe is me! I pouted. Woe. Is. Me. And then I saw that the other house I really liked is also under contract. Let the pouting continue in earnest.

As we finished packing and loading the 26 foot truck, that was nearly full, back during Holy Week, leaving for TX on while the rain poured down Easter Monday morning we fully expected to close and be in a home pretty quickly. After isolating for a couple of weeks we looked at homes here again, not being able to make a commitment as we had no idea when we would have money to purchase. After the second time we decided to wait. That house sale fell through. We understood. And so we waited. Going house hunting two weeks ago based on our understanding from people in the know that this could happen any day now. And that’s when it happened, yep, we had our top four.

Now if you’ve never purchased a home in Texas, allow me to share that real estate transactions move very quickly here. Once the home is listed it can be closed on within three weeks, allowing time for potential buyers to see the property. After the phone call I checked our real estate guys website, and it is now under contract. And that’s when the pouting with full bottom lip extension. I whined to a friend that if we knew then what we know now that I would have insisted on either a long term air bnb kind of thing or a short term lease. There are times when this hotel room gets pretty small. And then.

Several days ago I saw that Caralyn at Beauty Beyond Bones had a new blog up on prayer, and I’d just received an email for a new Worth Revisiting post on Theology is a Verb. The first sentence reads, “God, I have found, is not outdone in generosity.” I laughed out loud. One thing I have said over, and over is that I’m glad I’m here in Texas with my Sweetie rather than by myself in New York. This current housing situation with the challenges of living is temporary, and will change, soonish.

When I laughed I was reminded that sometimes God answers with, “No” and “not yet” or “there’s something else”. “Yes” while hoped for, is not always the answer. Not for nothing God’s full-on generosity

yeah I paused there…as I typed the word generosity a song started playing with these lyrics: “when the going gets tough when my soul’s had enough I will worship I will praise Your Name when I need some relief I will lay at at your feet I will worship I will praise your name.” When I can find the song title and perhaps a video and share it with you. It was perfect for this particular moment. For this particular prayer.

God’s full on generosity is corrective, passionate, compassionate, loving, giving, taking, calling us to a greater joy, greater trust, greater compassion, a digging deeper, to that Truest sense of Reckless Abandon.

The Moon Reflects

It took a moment to explain my laughter to my guy. For months now, probably years, “Trust Me” is the response when I’m listening in prayer. I know that as I plead God lead, as I wander off God guides, as I wander into things not of God, He protects. Particularly when in the midst of those ugly cries from a few years ago, in the midst of all the “I can’t possibly do this” and “I don’t know how to pray” and ” ” the words “Trust Me” have filled me with hope.

I share this with you to praise and honor God, in deep gratitude for the gift of answered prayer, for joy in being Loved, and in the knowledge and trust that this will be resolved soon.

God bless,


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