Buying the lie

I’m heading out shortly to go work with a woman making a quilt she started a long time ago. I love projects like this for so many reasons, mostly because a friendship is developing. In a big move like this from one state to another new friendships are essential.

Over the last several weeks I’ve had some cherished conversations with quilters, ones that touch the soul. There is a sense of being with people where they are in that moment. Over and again the reminders of “don’t buy the lie” and “be not afraid” are spoken. Don’t buy the lie that you’re not good enough. Don’t buy the lie that whatever has happened means that you’re not worthy of being loved, and cherished. My guy reminds me of this frequently. I am enough. There’s room to grow, but I’m enough.

You’re enough.

There’s room to grow, but you’re enough. Right here, right now.

When I was writing Color, Thread, & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon the ugly thoughts ran through my head. I still hear things like what if they don’t like it, and like with my quilts, what if they don’t like it. But what if they do. I’ve mentioned in other places that I’ve heard more than once that I’m intense. Yes, I am. I’m intense. That’s what allowed me to pursue machine quilting with reckless abandon. To make the quilts I see in my head. I know though, that you can do this too. I know that the actual cost of buying the lie is higher than I imagined. I also know that listening to the editors and publisher with C&T, and beginning to see what they see, there is this book, there is this hard work right here, complete, ready for you. Ready for me to show you that the work we have inside our head is worth pursuing with reckless abandon, to dig in with all we have, to quilt in living color the things we have to quilt.

When you have a chance look at the extra quilts that are on the page, they have a lot of character. Oh how I love making quilts with character in them. While the intense me wants to make a flawless quilt, the me that recognizes my own bits of character is okay that my quilts aren’t flawless. God is good, I have some refining to do. God sees. I see through a glass darkly, sometimes like a fun house mirror, often through the astigmatic vision. I have astigmatism in both eyes so everything is slightly out of focus when looking at things.

God bless you,


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