And Cue Music

Imagine if you well a quilt shop machine sales floor, having a conversation with both a coworker and another customer. The discussion vibrant when, as if on cue over the sound system we hear, “Let it go, Let it goooooooooooooooo”. This morning I’m in my sewing studio packing up to move. This space was at once a creative space, and a place of storage as the closet is perfectly suited for said duty.

My guy and I are married nearly twenty-eight years, and in that time we’ve gathered good memories: cards from our wedding gifts (keep!), things from junior high, high school (some stay, some go), Christmas cards (most of these go), and other treasures (some stay, some go). Then there is the creative space, oh my favorite room in the house, followed by my office. This space which is at once the place of great freedom and great frustration. It is free in that it is here in this space where some really beautiful things happen. It is frustrating in that the learning process is, well, let’s say, messy. This space has been the most difficult to work in as the memories that flood my mind as I work give me a moment to pause and reflect on parts of my quilting journey.

As I touch each piece before me it is easy to let some things go. I’ve read a few Christmas cards sharing once again in family memories, seeing friends kids, notes from friends long gone the wedding gift cherished for its quirkiness, a definite keep! As with some of the learning process I needed to walk out of the room for a moment because everything feels like its encroaching on me, it’s in my space, there’s no where to move easily and there are things that need to move OUT so I can see my way to the keep/let go process. With boxes all over the house how do I find that space to move it out of that room? In order to put it into another room I need to finish that room up. Actually as I think about it that might be the easier thing to do. I’m breathing again. In the midst of that total freak out I can’t do this must leave the room moment the thought to pray, turn this all over to God happened. The sense of peace washed over leaving in its place a necessary sense of calm to move through. I will move through. This will all get done. I will be ready for that moment when the truck is here and we can load it up to begin that long drive to our new home. Where we will, of course, quarantine for two weeks.

While I did not think that these items were weighing me down as they were out of sight out of mind, in some sense they were. It’s okay to let go of Christmas cards. It’s okay to let go of old journals, it’s okay to let go. In a deeper sense it is a spiritual letting go as well. While these things are important and held treasured memories, the memories live on without the thing taking up physical space. This also has me thinking of what else needs to be free from my personal being.

“I distinctly remember forgetting that.” Corrie ten Boom.

Freeing me to experience deeply the joy of those in front of me, waiting for me. The letting in process will begin once again. Letting in time to quilt. There are projects I need to finish, some are coming to maturity and I’m ready to tackle them. In my head I can see several competition quilts that are vying for the who gets made first. There’s the whole, “the quilt studio needs setting up” thing. And it’s one that will need some serious attention. If we get the house we put an offer in on my plan is a studio, and an office. Yep two separate spaces in which to function better. As you can see the ideas in my head are swirling wildly and will need attention.

For now though two things need attention: packing and prayer life. Both are in need of my attention. I covet your prayer right now, and appreciate them. I’m praying for/with you though this.

May Jesus bless you!


2 thoughts on “And Cue Music

  1. Dear Teri, I will most certainly do some praying for you. I already have. Moving is so much work, but in the whole of it, it can also be an exciting adventure. I pray you will get through this smoothly, that things will not get broken, that your house you are selling will close quickly and well and the house you are buyiing will come through as a great blessing. I pray you and your husband will both be well and safe during this whole thing and your new adventure will be a fabulous part of your lives. Hugs.

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