Faith and Quilting

Over the last year or so a friend, and former customer Veronica O’Connor has come to mind so I’ve been praying for her. While at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show over the weekend Sr. Donna and I bumped into each other and I remembered to ask about Roni, Sister shared with me that Roni died some time ago. I’m so grateful to Sr. Donna for sharing this with me. In doing a bit more digging I finally found her obituary (I’d looked in one of our local papers more than once), she passed away on September 27, 2018, which as it happens, is the anniversary of both my grandmothers and it’s my wedding anniversary. I won’t forget her on this date.

The sisters inherited Veronica’s quilting stash and supplies and will be doing something with them in November at Mariandale in Ossining, NY. I’ll let you know more as I learn the details.

Over the last eight or nine years I’ve wanted to host a Faith in Quilting Retreat. Roni is one of the few people I shared, in detail, this dream with, and she started helping me figure out what that meant by asking some really good questions and an offer to help. It is my hope to work out details to make this happen and finally host a retreat in her honor and memory.

People are very much a part of our quilt making journey. All for good, whether we see it at the moment or not. I’ve shared the standing in front of my quilt listening to one quilter gush, and one quilter say, “oh yeah that’s nice did you see this?” more than once how this allowed me to accept that not all people will like my work. I took one of my quilts to guild one night, knowing it needed something more, they helped send me in a good direction for the quilt. This helped me learn to ask questions and to listen for what I know the quilt is “asking for” to make changes. Students and customers have helped form me as a teacher, allowing me to see that, while I’m good at what I do, I’m not for everyone and this is fine. Some have taught me that I do have limits, and while I’m hoping to exceed these limits with endless patience it doesn’t always work. Some taught me the beauty of saying yes, some taught me that saying no or enough and letting go is a good thing.

I’m still figuring out who I am as a quilter, as are you, I suspect.There are some still living, who are gone I miss very much and some not so much. Thank you for walking and stitching on this quilting journey with me.

God bless,


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