Identity, Trust, and a Gift

This is technically rain, but you get the point

Last week I was in a bit of a fog.

Blessed is She blog post.

Authors note: I want to thank you for your patience over the last couple of months with the erratic posting. Writing prompts have been there however the sales rep travel and book details have kept this writer/quilter on her toes, trying to keep up.

Over the last several months I’ve been hearing, “Trust Me” during my prayer time. I can assure you that it’s been a bit of a struggle to do just that. Let’s just say the last few weeks have been exhilarating and somewhat painful at the same time.

The exhilarating part is the book is basically complete, with some changes (in a good way) and the next bits are details. I sent the boxes, uploaded the manuscript and photos I sent a note to one of the editors basically saying, “here it is, all of it, do what you do best, I trust you.” They have asked me before making changes, the answer has been, “yes” and I’ve gone with it. I’m probably not the first author who has done this and I won’t be the last. Giving everything over to them was incredibly freeing. I’ll get to see things as they progress along the way. The hardest part is waiting until July 2020. While patience is a virtue I’m lacking in some.

The not so fun part isn’t any fun, and I request your prayers for a couple of special intentions. Thanks! And this is where the trust comes in.

Part of the fun part is that along with two other women, I’m coordinating the Blessed is She // Westchester group. Our next meeting is September 21, 10 am, at Our Lady of Fatima in Scarsdale NY. We meet, eat, pray, reflect and support one another. This is open to women 18 & up. We have some thoughts for discussion topics, and will be open to the group.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever shared that in my twenties I thought about becoming an ordained minister. The though of walking with people through their life journey just made sense to me. As time went on, I returned to the Catholic Faith and things shifted. Just after we married my Sweetie and I served as lay (non-ordained) ministers in a parish in Elizabeth NJ, then in a residence for formerly homeless men in the South Bronx. We served, walked with people, participated in their Sacramental life and in their daily life. I’ve had cause to reflect over the last few weeks and see how this early experience influences, informs what I do now. And one component was eye-opening for me. Last spring while in the throes of whatever ugliness was happening, the thought of serving kept coming up. Blessed is She is, in some part, an answer to that.

I read an article by Elizabeth Scalia from the Word on Fire Community. The Quality of Evangelism and Preaching Does not Depend on a Pulpit. (Hang with me here, it might be a bit weird for a moment.) Recently my Sweetie and I attended the Charismatic Conference in Scranton. It is, for so many reasons, just what we both needed. While the main speakers were good, the speaker and the Priest preaching on Sunday made the difference. The reminders were of service, that the struggles are opportunities to give glory to God in some way, to remove the stuff that is standing in the way between us and God, and us and our neighbor. The struggle is a time to enter deeply into God’s

While listening to the talks and homilies and reading Elizabeth’s article, and reflecting on my early desires I am reminded that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, that a humble and contrite heart will not be spurned, that the refiner’s fire works to remove the impediments of the soul, that the love of God is burning hot. The Father permitted the death of his son, Jesus. Jesus said yes for Love of us. How can I give over to that Love more deeply? How might I serve with greater love? In reflecting on these I realized that living an examined life is reflecting on the things that need changing or removing from my life, and reflecting on the beautiful of each day and how God is moving in my life.

I finally get something I was tasked with years ago. How beautiful! So while experiencing something of the refiner’s fire lately and longing for it to end… I’m grateful for what this allows me to see and experience. So I thank you for your prayers be assured of my prayers for you.

God bless,


3 thoughts on “Identity, Trust, and a Gift

  1. I follow Beuty Beyond Bones and hit your gravatar to see you are a quilter. I was wondering if you knew of Marilyn Doheny from Tryon, NC. She had invented a measuring and design tool for quilters. You do some very nice work and will visit you often.

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