beautifully, freely inadequate

There’s a scripture that speaks to how we are each fearfully and wonderfully made. One I’ve cherished and relied on. One I’ve forgotten. One remembered.

A Quilter’s Heart is the intertwining of faith and quilt making. The correlations are just there for us, as quilt makers, as creative types to see, and grow in our relationship with the Lord and with one another. With each cut of the rotary cutter we make we get better as we train our eye/hand coordination. With each quarter inch seam we stitch we get better as we train our eye/hand coordination and learn to trust this smallish seam. We learn to understand the relativity of color value the more we make quilts. We glean and learn information from other quilters in shops, guilds, and classes.

The morning I began writing this post it started with: I’m smiling again, tears streaming down my face expressing something I can’t quite explain. Just before the tears of freedom started flowing I was having one of those internal conversations where I’m trying to be better, more confident, firm, all put together. And that’s when the realization that I’m really a hot mess and that it’s perfectly fine hit me. It’s okay to be uncertain, not completely put together and perfect. Seriously, it’s not. Now let me be clear here I am not running myself down, being self-deprecating, or doing that humble brag thing. I don’t have it all together and in all likelihood I never will. I am however working towards growing and improving.

These places where I am inadequate are places where the opportunity exists for me to grow in holiness and trust. These are places to seek help. To trust others. To dig into prayer and friendship. I know a lot about quilting bug I don’t know everything about quilting. I can figure things out most of the time however I need to ask for help sometimes. Over the last couple of weeks in this new work as a sales rep I’ve had to ask for help. And oddly enough it’s not humiliating as the help I’ve asked for is specific and necessary.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Opportunities for grace, that’s what inadequacies are, opportunities for grace and mercy. Our strengths are meant to complement the work of others. If you’re a new quilter it’s an honor to assist you in honing your skills, including becoming a little more confident, a little less ashamed of those areas in life where our skills need to grow. There are times when piecing where the seams don’t match up or the tension is off when quilting or the colors aren’t just so. The back of this quilt has pleats because I got delightfully lost in the quilting. The design changed more than once. It’s imperfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Take a moment today and thank God for all of who you are especially those areas where you feel inadequate or less than. Ask Him for the grace of accepting mercy and grace and love from Him and from those we are blessed to know. Ask for the grace of gifting to others the gift of who you are – in both the giving to and receiving from.

God bless,

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