Pray for us now…

I want to begin this post with, “Thank you” for your prayerful support through this year. I am grateful for each person who has taken a moment to lift both public and private intentions on my behalf to the Lord. You all have helped me through some challenging moments, and allowed me to see and accept a job opportunity when it presented itself. For those who may not have seen my announcement on social media or my blog I am a Fabric Sales Rep for Northcott. Please continue to pray with and for me as I move forward with this work. Thank you!

As a kid I think I attended CCD for one year and the only thing I remember from this time is the Hail Mary. It wasn’t until sometime during RCIA that I learned that this prayer is Scripture, from the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel speaks with Mary and she conceives Jesus in her womb. Talk about a radical YES to God. Mary accepts Jesus in her body, wholly, deeply, and completely. Hail Full of Grace, oh to be so completely full of God’s Grace that I, like Mary, responds to the needs of others immediately and completely. When Elizabeth greets Mary she says, “How is it that the Mother of my Lord (God) should come to me?”

Every once in a while I get to experience this Grace deeply, the only response is to enter into the moment and live it fully. I’ve been privileged to pray with and for loved ones as they are passing from this life to the next. I wish words were adequate to the experience of these moments. Sometimes this experience is a simple prompting to pray for the person, other times the experience is deeper.

We knew this time would come, we didn’t know when however there’s a niggling feeling at the back of your brain letting you know it’s soon. Monday afternoon my Sweetie and I received a call that his Uncle was now on hospice. My husband, having just come home from work, showered, we both grabbed clothes; I stopped cooking dinner throwing stuff back in the fridge, pouring out water, turning off the heat and running out the door. We got to talk to him that night. Confusion was already setting in. Tuesday he was awake for most of the day telling stories, being his, ever more confused but, jovial self.

Wednesday sleep took over. Thursday we took turns with his wife being there. With a plan for us to stay while she went home to have dinner; she would stay the night. My Sweetie sat at the foot of the bed. I sat next to his bed, Unc’s hand in mine, I started praying. Twice my phone pinged bringing me to this present earthly moment. Taking Unc’s hand, again, I prayed. The moment came and Unc stopped breathing, his heart stopped beating. It was an honor to pray with and for him.

Later I took some time to write something of the experience in prayer with Unc as it was something different than the experiences with my own Uncle, my dad and others. My dad was something of a prankster with April Fools being his favorite day of the year. I remember praying as I left for God to open the way, particularly in one spot as there is a often a speed trap. When I arrived at that spot it was oddly quiet. A mile or so up the road there was an accident and all police vehicles were there. I made a point of telling God this wasn’t funny. Just after I passed the toll barrier getting on the Mass Pike I started praying and weeping. I managed to drive, pray and weep until just after I passed the next toll barrier and got on 495 headed north. The weeping stopped, and my sister called to tell me my dad passed. Before she could get the words out I told her dad was gone. I slowed down arriving safely and ticket-less a few hours later.

I am grateful for these opportunities to pray with family as they pass. We appreciate your prayerful support. There is still a funeral to attend and other family members to support.

After my dad passed away this song came on the radio every time I cleaned my mother-in-loves apartment for months.

While this seems not quite a Christmas post Advent looks to the coming of Jesus, first in the manger and again in the second coming. Come Lord Jesus! Come!

God bless,

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