Anniversaries and Reminders

10338693_10204398607233695_8071119418589622756_nWhile scrolling through twitter this morning I was reminded that today is the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul. When my Sweetie and I were looking at dates to get Married September 26th seemed a good date, as it was a Saturday, the date was already booked by another couple so Sunday the 27th it was. That our date would coincide with this French Saint made good sense to us, considering that after we married we were going to serve in a parish in Elizabeth NJ. It also happened to be (which I didn’t realize) the anniversary of my mom’s moms passing. Fifty years to the day my dad’s mom passed away. I can hardly believe that five years have scurried by since her death, I miss visiting her, bringing her apple turnovers, taking her for lobster rolls and strawberry shortcake, and keeping her supplied with circle word games, journals and pens. Having Gramma for as many years as I did is a gift I’ll always treasure.

wedding day bliss
Celebrating Twenty-six years with this guy on Thursday

I’m treasuring twenty-six years with my Sweetie. To say I’m grateful for this life is something of an understatement. Right after we said our vows we both said something in our person changed. We’ve had to dig into the grace of the Sacrament over the years as we’ve learned to live with each other, experienced deep frustration, listened to one another, honored and cherished each other. In our faces here I see the hope of helping one another grow in holiness. We’ve certainly sustained one another in that – we’re not holy saint holy we’re still trying, it’s still our goal, we know how to push each others buttons like nobody’s business. And we know how to comfort the other, call each other out and hold each others hand in the moments of life we’d rather not experience.

Pray for us. We pray for you. Thank you for sharing out life in some beautiful way.

God bless,


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