A Mish Mosh of Words

20180511_151948On and off over the last week I’ve stared at the computer screen, awaiting the words that will make the most sense. When these times happen when the words don’t come I get a little freaked out. Perhaps I’ve lost them. Perhaps they will no longer show up at my front door, in a box, waiting to be sorted into the phases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters that fill my head when I’m walking to and from here, or there or when I’m stitching. That walking and stitching time is that thinking time I often need to sort the words.

Mid week I thought I’d write about asking someone if it would be okay to riff on their work.  Now you know that if I’m that moved by someone’s work that I want to riff on it it has to speak to me deeply, and I’m going to ask. In the asking I accept that no is a potential answer. The person said no and I dropped the matter. I realized the other day that I totally dropped the matter and didn’t tell her I would honor that no. When looking back I think there were reasons why I didn’t respond. While I’m still inspired by that work I’m going to enjoy the work set before me right now.

IMG_0406Over the last couple of weeks the internal conversation about the tidiness of my sewing room is leading toward an overhaul. This conversation is also part of a looking at the internal and seeing what needs to change, to re-form, re-new. It’s not surprising that this goes hand in hand as quilting and faith are so intertwined in my being, by God’s grace and in His mercy. Going for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and presenting sins, faults, and failures to Jesus is one of the greatest gifts. Yes I can confess, and often do at home however it is in the hearing of absolution and in responding to our Lord in love that there is great joy, grace, mercy, freedom.

I love it when these internal conversations take form and function. The form/function allows me to move forward in the work to do.

yvonne porcella (2)Saturday afternoon I went to a local hospice to visit a friend who is on her way to the physical death we will all experience. I spent some time praying with/for her. Then talked with her husband when he returned from Mass. We know not the day, nor the hour however it won’t be long so prayers for her family and Ministry are greatly appreciated.

I’ve been enjoying reading, and some writing for the book and a bit of stitching. When I’m a bit further along I’ll do an actual book review of Bishop Barron’s book. I’m working on reading two for review on TerifiCreations, they have similar themes and will group them together. I need to go piece for a blog hop in a couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching,



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