A Weekend of Renewal

A wise priest once said, “we don’t need new teaching, we need reminders.”

My Sweetie and I attended the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference in Scranton over the weekend. This years theme, ” He makes me lie down in green pastures. . . .He restores my soul.” Psalm 23: 2, 3. Speakers Dr. Carol Razza, Deacon Larry Oney, Msgr. William John-Lewis and Bob Valiante gave talks speaking to this theme giving witness to experices, and teaching. They each spoke of the dignity of the person, the love God has for us

dance hereIt’s been a long time since the gift of tongues was used, and it took a bit of priming the pump before that sweet language of prayer escaped my mouth. Quite a few “I want that” moments happened and the reminder that I’d given up jealousy for Lent one year and continue working on not letting that rule my life.

20180511_151948The tears flowed on and off all weekend. It took until getting home to understand that the tears are of relief, of letting go, of peace. At one moment I had this experience of being alone in the weeping, even my Sweetie standing right next to me had no idea, but I wasn’t alone. Not even one bit. Not simply because there were 1600 other people with me but in that moment the sweetest sense of peace swept over my soul like a gentle rain soaking deeply into parched, dry land.

The weekend had so many beautiful reminders, gave so much witness to the LOVE our God has for us. The preaching and I do mean Preaching, called us to embrace that love, to connect to it. We were reminded over and again that the evil one cannot read our minds. He can tempt us, we have to go there on our own. OR we can offer a sacrifice of praise in that moment seeking the sweet relief God offers.

I mention giving up jealousy years ago pretty often and with purposeful intention. To some degree I’ve given up caring what other people think about me. I’m still working on letting that one go. As quilters these two things together often stand in the way of us getting to where WE are going in our quilting. Through quilting I’ve had the privilege of discovering more of who I am. That dear friends is priceless. Price Less. I’ve had the further privilege of walking with others on this same journey. Each of us, as quilters, is unique, interesting, holy. We have a gift and in that gift are so many individual ways of expressing it.

IMG_20180125_145745Part of this gift of quilting includes being a source of encouragment for others. I love this part it’s giving a glass of cool water to another quilter. They, though, must drink it in to be refreshed.

This afternoon I’m meeting with my publisher to work out the details for my contract. After this weekend I’m super excited to do this book. It’s a gift, for you. It’ll take a little bit (a lot really) of time because I have WORK to put in and there are others who have work to do on this gift for you. You all inspire me so much. Please pray for me with this meeting this afternoon and please know of my gratitude for your support.

God bless,


PS I’m often amused that I love Charismatic prayer as I often feel a lot more contemplative. And in that I am. God though let me (back) to lift my head to his Love. ❤


2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Renewal

  1. How exciting that you are writing a book! Sounds like a wonderful experience at the conference. Hugs and love!

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