Another Dream

cropped-1448228254869.jpgSometimes Dreaming reminds us of other dreams, imagined long ago, in another place, another time. The place, the space, the thoughts, the potential. The Dream. I can see this, the talks, the chatter, the writing, the stitching, the going out into nature, the looking toward home, the being present, the serving.

The dream bubbled up to the surface after posting on TerifiCreations, speaking sweetly of possibilities. Another dream bubbled to the surface. Dreams. Both Joseph’s had them, leading them to more fully, completely to God’s will, offering protection for those in need. Dreams. It is good to dream, have goals, and at the same time be free of the attachment to the dreams.

hyacinth bloomsSometimes dreams can, and do, instill a level of discontent with life when we begin thinking that life would be better if this or that happened. “If only” our dreams begin, and end with an overwhelming sensation of the loss of something we’re thinking about, not necessarily doing. This is an opportunity to focus on the present, the here and now, the work that leads to dreams never dreamed.

I cracked open Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, Roy Peter Clark (2006) on the recommendation of another writer. Writing, like quilting, requires a honing of skills, a doing of the work, investing time. A reminder like this appears in the first five pages, it is in reading this reminder that the possibility of realizing this dream exists at my finger tips. It’ll probably happen with words flowing from pen to paper, then taking time to transcribe from paper to keyboard. When writing the sample chapter to submit – which I later realized there might be more content gah! – it was pen to paper that opened up the flow of words vying for attention in my brain. Slowing down worked.

Giving in to exploring one of the dreams I wrote:

Down in the very core of my being I am a quilter, and a woman of faith. These two things collided over two journaling retreats. The first retreat on paper; the second in cloth. Our retreat director showed us a poster board that said, “Journaling…a journey of the heart” framed in a hand-drawn quilt. I met with the retreat director, offering to make this in fabric, finishing just before the second retreat. At the retreat we noticed something, instead of saying, “Journaling…a journey of the heart” I wrote, “Journaling a journey to the heart.” So small a change with a dynamic change in meaning. “Of” extends outword offering the gift of self to the receiver; “to” extends inward opening, discovering more deeply the true self. Journaling and quilt making are gifts, exploring the creative, depth of being, sometimes fraught with deep passion, sometimes a way of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon. Both “of” and “to” are part of the same landscape giving depth to the creative part of our being.

Quilters are often questioned about cutting up perfectly good fabric, then stitching it back together. Why not make x, y, or z. Painters are not asked this question, they may be questioned regarding style, not medium. Sculptors are not asked the same question about the stone, why hammer, chip, or smooth this, perhaps asked about technique and quality of stone. Potters are not asked, “why clay” perhaps why that kiln type. Tailors are not asked, because people need clothes. Quilters though, must defend their choices. Fabric, batting, and thread is our medium, that which speaks to the creative call of our hearts and hands. Quilting quiets the nay-saying voices in our minds (most of the time). Quilting offers comfort to friends, family, neighbors who are in need. 

My gut says more of this is coming, and it’s connected to the other dream. I’m going to listen to see where this is leading. Today is a quilting, praying, reading, writing and dreaming day.

God bless,


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