A Quilt in a Week

I love the backWe make quilts at different times, for different reasons. Sometimes quilts are started and abandoned for reasons that are clear. Or not. Sometimes we know who our quilts are for – family members, friends, people suffering in some deep and profound way. Our skill set grows, we try new to us techniques, different colors. Subtly, oft without notice, something in us changes.

Friends it’s been a long time since I’ve finished a quilt from beginning to end and by end I mean label, binding, everything in less than a week. It is no longer in my house, it’s somewhere else for a few weeks. As soon as I can social media the quilt I will as it’s getting published. Because I’ve been working for a magazine I have not submitted quilts to other magazines. I worked for one and had I submitted work there I had a good shot at getting published so submitting to other publications, even ones that fit my personal quilting aesthetic, wasn’t something I did.


The seam ripper made an appearance on a quilt that got put on hold because creative dryness set in some time ago. It didn’t help that the quilting itself was crap. Yes. I said it. I had a vision, it wasn’t working. Now I get to make it better. And after the quilt I finished last week I have a new thought thread weight and color that will add a bit of subtlety and visual interest. I’m chuffed. I can see it much more clearly.

Having an opportunity to begin again, with the experience I have now is very interesting.

Sometimes it’s good to begin again. To renew, and refresh. To drink deeply at the well of Creativity. This well in the last several months has included: reading books related to faith, journaling, actively participating quilting through reporting, reviewing, writing. The writing and journaling are different; the writing is directed, the journaling is passionate, prayerful.

Today’s Reading from the Gospel of Mark contains within it two experiences of great faith, and healing. While reading I noticed that when the woman with hemorrhage touched Jesus He says, “Daughter, your faith  has saved you. Go in peace, and be cured of your affliction.” Most often in this passage of Scripture we focus on the Jairus’ daughter, after all Jesus does raise her from the dead, the sleep of death that separates us from this life, and the next. That’s awe filling. But this Daughter reaches out in faith, and hope for healing and receives it. She is told to go in peace. Go in peace. Your Faith has saved you. Be cured of your affliction.

With beginning again, experiencing peace, and a deep sense of gratitude for where I am in this moment…there are still moments when the thoughts and feelings of unworthiness, impostor syndrome, nagging doubts creep in. In this moment I’m approaching these differently by acknowledging them and then handing them over to God through the sacrifice of the Cross. I mentioned the journaling, it is a place of prayer, of letting go. Entering into the stitching, creating approaching from the place of it doesn’t have to be perfect, I can let this teach me, I can be present here now rather than fretting over whether or not it will me the expectations in my head.

Go in peace.

Claim peace through gratitude. This is an everyday act of my own will. I am grateful.

God bless,


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