Of Hairy Toes and Letting it Go

O Lord, God of Creation, Thank you so much for filling up the well of joy this morning. “Let it Go” is so perfect as a song of faith, I can’t even! This sense of joy O Lord Creator God who gave us hair toes. You are the best.

With the book covering my face, shoulders shaking trying not to laugh out loud. I’m in Church, the Rosary crew is <———————– praying, all the while I’m reading Melissa Keating‘s chapter Discover Tunes Outside the Mainstream in The Catholic Hipster Handbook, I get artists she’s meditated on during Holy Hour when she mentions “Let it Go” from the Frozen soundtrack. I mean who wouldn’t start giggling.

In a pre-coffee state of mind I was trying to write the next in the Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters, and it’s all serious. All I could think in that moment is this is all wrong. The words are wrong. Okay so it’s not all wrong it’s just not right for this thing I’m doing. So I’ve set it aside for another day when I can edit the copy in a way that isn’t so dang serious.

friday afternoon fun 011

Way back when this serious stuff started it was at a point in my life where I needed take my own work more seriously. And by that I mean the doing of the work rather than my relationships with the people I work and live with. As a twenty-something with seriousness on her mind this morphed into Serious, about everything. Peeking out from the corners, surprising me here and there were things like the “Why be Normal” poster on the door (that I still have 30 years later), an irritating ability for one-on-one banter, and a love for playing with words.

micro bubblesFor most of us as quilters being serious about our work is highly overrated. Seriously. I sew barefoot because I can’t think and sew with my shoes on. God, for some reason unbeknownst to me gave me some hair on my toes, not a lot but enough for me to know it’s there. Through His children God gives us songs like “Let it Go” as reminders to do just that, let it go, to not be so uptight about the stitching being just a bit off, the corners not lining up just the way we want them to, the ________________________ insert your favorite annoyance here.

my tiaraAs a quilter/teacher there are things I need to take seriously and do consistently. However that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun while I’m doing it. Or take time to do some fun things like writing this blog post, reading the humorous Catholic Hipster Handbook and letting the joy bubble up.

God bless,



PS I’m sharing the Help Wanted again. There’s a reason that I’ll ask you to pray for a friends family.

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