Giving and Receiving

This came up in my newsfeed yesterday on both facebook, and linked in and I had to laugh, and do a bit of math. My Gramma lived to be a bit over 97, and her mom did too, so there’s a bit of longevity with the women in our family. This quote about midlife from Brene Brown. All through my thirties, and early forties I clung to this thought that I wasn’t anywhere close to midlife, and there would be no crisis. If I’m privileged to live to 97 as my grand, and great grandmother did, midlife passed last year! What?! Where did that time go? How on earth did I end up in this moment? And, what’s coming next. It’s really amazing, and a bit scary.

Since just before Easter a joy has filled my being in a way that has watered this soul. I know part of it centers around making the effort to go to daily Mass whenever I’m able. I’m grateful for the time away from the computer, the job search, and the house. These moments are necessary, and they are producing immediate joy. The situation hasn’t exactly changed, it’s more how I’m handling and focusing. As Brene suggests I’m not staying down it’s time for that rebirth, that sloughing off of the stuff that’s weighing down, embracing the freedom to be at peace where things are in this moment and the once again excitement of whatever is coming next.

This morning I read something that reminded me that generosity is as much about receiving from others, as it is about helping others. The image of Mary (not the mama) anointing Jesus’ feet with her tears and oil comes to mind. I know I’m not the only one that finds receiving very challenging however it is necessary. In the post a mom describes that she’s not feeling well and her oldest kid is responding by doing the dishes, putting younger siblings to bed, and getting her ice so that she can rest. She would rather be doing these things however she’s not feeling well. By allowing this kid to do these things he’s learning compassion, empathy and familial responsibility. She’s seeing the fruit of her teaching as a parent in front of her eyes.

To receive is an act of generosity.

Jesus receiving the anointing from Mary is an act of generosity. Our Lord is always in a position to give because of Who he is. He shows us the beauty of receiving, that there is nothing shameful or humiliating in receiving. Jesus’ act of receiving puts “tis better to give than to receive” right out of our lives as a people of faith. I daresay that his actions fly in the face of one being better than the other, that both are essential.

Last week the conversations with people in the Quilt world filled me up. I was open to receive the advice, encouragement, and support of those I spoke with. This led to more conversations of, “I’m looking for a day job.” This morning I sent my resume off as a result of one of those conversations. Going to Quilt Market and having the conversations was an opportunity to live my 2018 word of the year: Connect in such a beautiful way. So friends I ask for your continued prayers. When I get home there will be time spent tweaking the resume, and writing a cover letter for a part-time gig. I’m eager to see where this goes.

Then quilting. I’m working on piecing a quilt top. YAY! And last night after getting started I realized I’m changing what I’m doing. YAY! It also means I need for fabric.

God bless,




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