I didn’t intend to blog today


But the words are right there so here goes:

“But maybe you’re thirsty” he said. 

Whoa. Here we are on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and VaLENTines day when the depth of these words are holding new, deeper meaning.

Ash Wednesday is a Fast Day for Catholics (and other faiths). Those old/young enough voluntarily refrain from consuming more than one meal during the day. We are encouraged to pray and offer up the experience of hunger for those who are suffering on earth or in purgatory. Oceans by Hillsong plays frequently, is prayed frequently, grasping it’s meaning and depth, not knowing where God is leading.

“I thirst.” Jesus says from the Cross

I confess the last few years have felt a lot like Lent. I’ve been in need of prayers, filled with incredible doubt, at a bit of a loss spiritually and creatively. This loss has exacerbated this extended experience of Lent. While I’ve still been quilting – the stuff I’ve wanted to make and the zone have been nowhere in sight. The ocean has been swirling around me, and there’s been nothing to drink, no calm. The moments of respite few and far between.

Right around the time I would normally eat breakfast, knowing that today is a day of fasting, I realized that I was thirsty. I don’t usually notice this as I drink coffee, or tea, or water when I eat. So realizing I’m thirsty is unusual. I’m drinking water instead of tea so I’m hydrating which is good.

But more something has shifted creatively, and I’m drinking deeply from that well. Or as I described it on the other blog, “a gentle rain is falling steadily, allowing the parched ground to soak up the water.” Oh how beautiful this is.

Then this morning my sweetie sent me an e-card for Valentines day with this quote:

Trust Him
Trust Him when dark doubts assail you,
Trust Him when
your faith is small,
Trust Him,
when to trust Him . . .
is the hardest thing
of all.

Trust Him,
He is ever faithful,
Trust Him
for His will is best,
Trust Him
for the Heart of Jesus,
is the only place of rest.

Author Unknown

The thirst is being quenched spiritually, and creatively. I’m going where it’s leading.

Dear Lord, I am so grateful for this. May your own thirst for souls be filled with the prayers of your kids.

God bless,


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