Praise you in This Storm

Alternate title: An Easter experience at the beginning of Advent.

Eucharist means Thanks Giving, it is a meal, and a retelling of our family story, the Salvation moment. We have an opportunity to share in this every single day, and while there are some differences in the story telling (as there should be) this Celebration is the same from Church to Church. It is a celebration of Easter – every. single. day.

20170526_145224-1Just like holidays and traditions that develop from culture, and country there are times we re obligated to attend, and others not so much. In each culture the “traditions” change, each generation making the holiday their own with foods, dances, beverages, stories, and the connections made bridging the past, and the present.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the states, it is a day of feasting, family, and friends. Memories of family dinners flood my memory, such sweet memories. As our life has changed so has our celebration. There are things I miss, however I love our life in this moment, it’s not what I imagined when we married however it’s so beautiful.

img_20170221_214936_839Upon opening this post this morning to continue writing a post on thanksgiving, one that came from a bit of a challenging moment, it wasn’t complete, so I set it aside for a little while, going into the kitchen to make breakfast. As I took two eggs out of the fridge, to put them on the counter next to the stove, one dropped on the throw rug, cracking and splattering. Eggs are gooey. Did you know that? It’s probably partly what makes them so tasty. Somehow this morning rather than getting annoyed, with everything that comes with That! I just started giggling. Because this stuff happens, and in the grand scheme, it’s minor, easily cleaned up. This was an opportunity to practice gratitude.

Opportunities to express Gratitude and to Praise God come throughout each day. Sometimes we recognize them and take that moment to say, “Thank you.” Sometimes the moments are as easy as finding the car keys, not dropping the glass we’re carrying, making it up the stairs without tripping.

I got an opportunity to praise God in the midst of a storm. In the moment I believe the words out of my mouth were, “This isn’t funny!” It was truth, it wasn’t funny. I’m fine with telling God this stuff because He already knows. Here’s where I get to refocus, reconnect, reconcile, to Praise God in the middle of the storm because no matter what, at the end of this it will all be okay.

I am grateful for the gift of this moment.

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I’m thanking God for:
the moments of the ugly cry
for wanting more
for a desire to be in this present moment
for wanting less
for the people in my life
for the guy I married
and the life we’ve been privileged to live together
for quilting, every stitch stitched
and unstitched
for storms they are beautiful
for moments of acceptance

And as I get started stitching today I’m mindful that it’s not always easy to praise God in the midst of tough moments, sweet moments, glorious moments, difficult times. Whenever.

God bless,


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