Opportunities to offer Assistance

Houston is flooding. Harvey is being a right snot, dumping nearly 60” of rain in a very short amount of time. I’m 60” tall, this freaks me out.

Having been on a bus in 1990 traveling to Georgia during Hurricane Hugo, and living through Hurricane Sandy (and barely making it to Houston to teach), and Katrina.

Recovery from any powerful natural event (hurricane, fire, mudslide) takes time, commitment, and cash. Over the last few days a few people have posted links to charities that they know well. I’m posting links to their blogs or websites:

Catholic Charities Diocese of Galveston-Houston Catholic Charities is there for the long haul.
Debby Brown has designed a free postcard design simply let her know where/how you’ve donated to help the folks directly effected by Harvey. Read her blog post for details.
Pokey Bolton has a list of places to donate, that are in need of help. Pokey lived in Houston while working for Quilts Inc.
Leslie Tucker Jenison posted on her website as well. Leslie lives in Texas, giving her local knowledge.
Operation Blessing (link to fb page) friend and quilter Gina Reddin is currently working with them to get to the flooded areas, delivering food, water, and other much needed supplies along the way.
Maddie Kertay of BadAss Quilters Society is working on a second donation. Check the post for details, I’ll add “supplies are limited”.

Cash now. Quilts later. Yes this needs to be said. If you have the money and can do it please offer cash to these charities. This will allow them the opportunity to make the best use and reach the most people.

Quilts (and sewing supplies for quilters/sewers who have lost everything) later. Start making those quilts as they will provide comfort. Getting food, clean drinking water, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, diapers, and many other things are essential right now. Quilts will be important in the long term as homes are rebuilt.

Quilts Inc posted this: “Hi everyone-An update to let you know that our offices will continue to be closed for the time being, but we will post information about when they will reopen once we know. In the meantime, please know that there is no reason to change any plans you’ve made to attend this year’s Quilt Market in Houston. The show will go on as scheduled…and we hope you will plan to be there!”
And they have posted that the quilts that have arrived for Festival are safe! Their offices are on the fifth floor of the building, the staff worked hard to make sure that every single quilt was protected and secure prior to leaving during the mandatory evacuation. This ain’t their first rodeo and they got this.

Pray. Always. Pray. Pray for the people affected, pray for the responders, pray for the volunteers. Pray that those who are price gouging will have a change of heart, pray.

Prayer always works.

God bless!


One thought on “Opportunities to offer Assistance

  1. Thanks. I just wasn’t sure if good ol red cross was enough. Also, don’t forget about helping lost pets find their old owners or get new ones.

    The physical devistation is aweful, the spirit and tenacity of the people…beautiful

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