Sharing a couple of blogs

IMG_1056Like a lot of people I subscribe to some blogs either in the WordPress Reader or via email, sometimes both. Somehow I’ve subscribed twice to one blog, which still has me puzzled. One day I’ll deal with it, but not today.
Beauty Beyond Bones posted Like a Woman Scorned. I may not have had a particularly good reaction to the thoughtless response from the person from the eating disorder treatment center. Thankfully the words I wrote were not taken or “heard” with the anger that coursed through my person. They were received the way the Holy Spirit intended, with humor:  “Oh the words that are currently trying to escape my lips are NSFW. Not one of them. I want to encourage you to reach out to the management of the company and share this email response with them. This is unprofessional, inappropriate, and dismissive. I would go further and say dangerous. Actually I’m going to say it, it’s dangerous. Gah! This really makes me angry. I would like for this to be a “Let it Go” moment. *cue Idina” but it’s not. Oh bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
And yes I am still a good Catholic girl who’s really pissed.

I imagine it was the words *cue Idina* revealed the humor. And for that I’m actually kind of glad as I was pretty angry. Because body shaming is a thing, an act of aggression, an acceptable way of judging the other in so very many ways to make us feel…better? about the container we personally dwell in that might be considered the height of health and beauty in this present age. “Considered” and “Are” are completely different things. And in this particular instance good health is not “skinny”. Reading Caralyn’s experience with anorexia, ulcerative colitis, her mental health and the journey to good health is eye opening. She has to work on her spiritual, mental, and physical health every. single. day.

I have other friends who live with autoimmune disorders, usually multiple disorders, that make their bed their best friend. I have a vivid imagination, but honestly I have no real clue what this is like. I love and want to support them and often this looks like telling them I love them. That’s it because we live hours or flights apart. If we were neighbors I’d make lunch, clean bathroom, do laundry.

brain on quiltingAnd then this morning I read, Did you Call me or Not? on Scattered Whimsy. This spoke to this quilters heart so deeply. For a few years I’ve struggled with the whole is quilting my calling in life thing. Yes it is, it’s a journey that will take me different places. I’m not where I thought I’d be when I started out, but I am in the place God wants me for now. I’m not entirely certain of the next step, where I’m going, or how all of this will work out however, I’m quilting, what I do is in the world of quilting. This is good. God doesn’t need to “call” me to this work, I’m already here, ideas for new, and revisited quilts floating around my head whispering “quilt me first”. I’m listening.

Come Holy Spirit!


3 thoughts on “Sharing a couple of blogs

  1. I am one of those u speak of … work a small part time job and then sleep remaining days Or quilt and sleep remaining days Joy is punished with pain You are AWESOME. Thank u for always reminding us of where our strengthening comes from

  2. TERI❣️❣️❣️❣️Your work is awesome. Ever think of doing short workshops at quilt guilds etc. ??? Like wonderful western North Carolina. Asheville Quilt Guild. We have a quilt show in late September early October you should at least enter some of your work.

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