The Real Thing


One of my earliest memories of going to Church is way back in the early 70’s we were in the choir loft – for what reason I’m not sure it may have been three little girls, or the Church was crowded, whatever. This particular morning during the homily the Priest, using a film projector, played a well known commercial, for my dad’s favorite carbonated beverage, it is after all, the Real Thing. The memory of the homily is of Jesus being the Real Thing. After Mass that morning we went to the International House of Pancakes, as it was known in those days, for breakfast.

Over the memory of that Sunday Mass is What a Beautiful Name it is by Hillsong.

I am, by nature, given to worrying, fretting, over thinking, and generally working myself into a dither. My sweetie on the other hand does not have my same nature. This is good indeed. He serves as both an example, and a reminder of that something more, something different to reach for. We kind of balance each other out. He thinks out loud, I don’t. This causes for some fun conversations wherein I think we’re decision making and he’s throwing out ideas. He is such a gift in my life.

One thing my sweetie reminds me frequently is “worry about nothing, pray about everything, and the peace of God will knock your socks off” his translation of one of my favorite verses Philippians 4:6 Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving make your requests known to God. I kind of like my sweeties translation, partly because it’s funny and God certainly has a sense of humor. My sweetie reminds me that worry doesn’t add anything to my life. In fact it takes things away from my life, robbing me of joy.

So if anything this Lent has reminded me to Trust God. That this life is a great adventure with some highs and lows both deeply necessary as part of the quilt of life. Darks and lights, different shades and tones of color give life, and our quilts depth. In just a little while I’ll head to my studio to start stitching on this lovely beauty:

IMG_20170409_142254it doesn’t look like a whole lot right at this moment but in my brain I can see the potential of the piecing and quilting coming together to create something beautiful. Sometimes seeing the end product in my head means that the quilt doesn’t get made, however this one is for a challenge and I think yes, yes it will be finished. I’ll use all my good manners (skills) so that when I’m done it’s presentable.

It’s time to let go of the worry, Trust God, trust the process and show up to do the work of quilt making and relating it to faith once again. Knowing deep down that life and quilt making are related so much in my being that this up and down, ebb and flow, waxing and waning are all part of the journey of faith and quilt making. I’d love for all of my life, and quilt making to be easy bright and happy. Always positive all the time. But challenges add the depth and character and the opportunities to think, pray, and draw closer to God and grow in quilt making.

God bless,


PS a good faith read Beauty Beyond Bones

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