Well, that wasn’t what I expected

quilting Serendipity gone huge 081Sometimes I think I’ve told the tale and I did, so here’s the link. Oh wait, not quite sure what I’m talking about?  Here goes: for a long time I was praised God as a Protestant of the Anabaptist variety. They tended toward using the King James or New King James scriptural translation, so sometimes as I begin to write a Scripture pops into my head and I think I know exactly where it is so I go search on the USCCB site. While this is wildly helpful most of the time, the language I’m looking for and what I’m finding are slightly different. So in my head I’m searching for “I have run the race” which comes from 2 Timothy 4, and with a slight wording change to “I have finished the race”. The wording difference brought the search to other verses which I knew I didn’t want. So I used another well-know search engine to find it and voila!

So this particular running the race came to mind as March 16 was a marathon quilting day. After finishing the quilting on one quilt, quilting another, and binding three quilts. Looking at one it needed one line of stitching around the entire quilt, making a huge difference in the overall appearance. 1:30 in the morning is a great time to finish all this work. This left me so excited that I was wired. Forty minutes and 200 words later I was ready for bed, almost, kind of, sort of…my brain decided that sleeping well wasn’t on the table between hearing things, and wild dreams. Eh whatever.

I love the backWhile listening to the radio I was reminded that that thing we are called to, our vocation, will be invigorating, life-giving, and that thing that you are just very good at. It doesn’t mean that it’s without struggle, it’s just easier for you than it is for most people. I’m working on becoming a master free motion machine quilter. Yes, working on it as there is always room for improvement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at what I do, however there’s something niggling at the back of my head saying “let’s do more!” This is a whisper of sweetness and encouragement.

So when I finished the quilts the words flowed freely allowing me to finish a post on terificreations.com, it was a good moment.

This reminded me of something beautiful.


As I give consideration to what comes next there is a quilt in my head that I must make, there are quilts to finish, there is love to give and places to grow.

I’m off to quilt for the day.

God bless!



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