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While on the bus last night the song lyrics were “fill me up Lord, fill me up Lord”, my mind kept saying “empty me out Lord, empty me out Lord”. I’ve shared with a few friends that with the shop closing, with needing to look for work, that there is a sense of being lost. I’m not sure what comes next. In one sense I’m fine with this, it’s kind of adventuresome. In one sense I’m not. I’d like to know what is around this bend.
Empty me out Lord. As I wrote this a scene from “Touched by an Angel” where Monica is sent to the desert for some reason came to mind. Monica is there to reconnect with God. The desert seems a place of loneliness, it is a place of great love. The desert seems a place of nothing, it is filled with the Presence of God. The desert seems a place of being stripped bare, it is the place where we are dressed in God’s glory.  Monica is sent there to be reminded, and reconnect with God; to turn towards Him, to experience deeply his love.

My prayer of, “empty me out Lord” surprised me. There is, this morning, a sense of being poured out, a sense of understanding where I can grow, where I can let go of things that I do.

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Over the last several months I’ve had this, what I think is, an unreasonable dream for a quilt shop. I started sharing this dream yesterday with someone and I’ll share part of it here with you:

There would be a seating area or three, with comfy chairs, small work tables in varying heights for handwork classes, for quilters to gather and chat, or young moms to sit and care for their little people. A little toy area because kids are welcome.

Staff. This is key to a good shop. Warm, welcoming, kind. But more than that with an understanding that a quilt shop is a happy place. Key to this will be Staff Retreat Days. This would be a day for them to come in, sew, develop ideas, talk about classes, problem solve, rest, and most importantly – play.

Good restrooms.

Coffee and tea bar. I’m not quite sure what this would look like yet. Snacks – baked goods with some gluten free options.



One, or two classrooms. One classroom would have machines, I have specific ones in mind here. The second classroom would be available for charity sewing and guild events, a place for guilds to bring host their own teachers and have classes for the guilds.

Classes for kids.


The rest will happen from fabric and notions, to machines and media, and events.

Dreams are beautiful things. I’ll keep dreaming.

I’ll keep trusting God that I’m in the right industry, that the right work will come along. That I’ll be open to listening to where He’s leading. That I’m empty enough to be filled.

God bless!


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