On becoming more

Here it is the beginning of September, this year has a fleeing (spelling intended) feeling about it. Yesterday was January 1 and zoom! September. This time of year is akin to the new year, school is beginning, summer is winding down, there is an energy in the air (oh that’s allergies!) that gets me kind of giddy, autumn is one of my two favorite seasons. I may not like what comes next but I enjoy the show.

Evenings deepen, with every passing day. Leaves begin to take on the warmth of color that excites my heart and invigorates the creative part of my soul. I experience a sense of belonging in this space of year, very similar to spring. Autumn is much like a favorite pair of sneakers or jeans, comfortable. As much as I resist it I love the change that Autumn (and spring) represent. Change is exciting and beautiful.

A recent read of Melanie’s blog post, it’s so rich and deep, encapsulating within her words part of the “why” that I quilt, and more of the “why” I teach. Reading her post brought to mind a recent conversation with a customer at the shop where I work.

As someone in sales, there is a need to listen to what the consumer is saying in their words, and beyond. This isn’t always easy as there is a lot to wade through before I get to what the customer really wants, or needs. Sometimes the conversation is fraught with the complexity of other people being involved in a way that complicates the conversation in ways that need not happen. These conversations require a level of patience on my part that sometimes exceeds my abilities.

This conversation was remedied in the sending out of the friend. Yep, I totally went there. This allowed her to speak the words that live in her heart; and for me to listen to those words – the words lying below the surface. The listening, in this instance, led down the path of nostalgia, rather than new, technology forward, and spendy. I could hear, without her friend to buffer the conversation, the deep longing of what is important and respond to that. The sale met her needs. She has confirmation that she can explore the thing she wants to explore.

And so I want to take this listening deeper, to move this type of listening to my relationship with God. Actually it’s there, I get to change how I listen to His movement. Interesting that the actual being able to quilt lately is taking me there. I’m seeing something different in my quilting and I’m wondering where and how that is going to translate in my quilting career. In an effort to listen more deeply I’m going to tidy up my studio a bit then quilt, and write for a bit.

God bless!


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