If you want to make God laugh

tell Him your plans. Sometimes God says, “No, I know the plans I have for you, and quite frankly this isn’t it” or “Maybe, but not today” or “I have something better in mind, Trust Me” or “I love you”.

take this seam ripper quilting by TeriWhen I started writing this post it was a full on whine because over the last few months, okay it’s longer than that really, have been a gut and reality check of what I am able to do at the moment because: life. Having to find a new job is not something I really want to do. Putting my book on hold was a huge deal. I’ve wanted nothing more than to write a book about quilting since 2010. Whine over.

So this morning I’m going through my WordPress reader I started reading Beauty Beyond Bones a while ago. The blog I’m linking to is 7 Birthday Resolutions. Good ones. When I got to #2 I knew I had the rest of what’s been niggling at the edge, waiting patiently until I listened closely enough to write. Learning to say no is a good thing. God says no to our wants and desires sometimes. It’s a hard thing because it’s the very thing we want to do.

brain on quiltingSo, if God says no to me sometimes doesn’t it stand to reason that I can say no. I can say no to things, events, and people. I’m learning that saying no to customers is really a good thing. It’s getting less and less hard. It means that I am not a doormat. No is a perfectly acceptable answer in some situations. While I’m not a fan of being told no, I get it. There may be a limit to what I can do for the customer or what someone can do for me. Saying no actually prevents, or has the ability to prevent misunderstanding, hurt, and pain. Saying no sets healthy boundaries, or at the very least should set healthy boundaries.

Over the years I’ve said no to a lot of quilt making styles as they don’t particularly appeal to me. I do appreciate the work that goes into these styles however I don’t have to make quilts in those styles. This saying no to certain styles of quilting has helped develop who I am as a quilter. It’s also helped me accept that I there are options in listening to what others have to say about my quilting, and my teaching. That also means I can exercise the option of not saying things that are not helpful, or kind to others. It’s a saying no to something that tears down. Oh but wait. I’m saying no to that. I’m saying no to tearing down.

IMG_1031Saying no to some things allows the “Yes” to be more meaningful. To hold meaning, to be something more. To be something. I’ve said yes to machine quilting. Over time I’ve become rather good at it. It’s hard work however it’s work that I love. It’s work that, as someone who once said “if it’s not hand quilted, it’s not a quilt”, I love, I embrace, I’m drawn to I need to do. It’s like breathing. I.must.do. it. I must breathe.

Saying yes to machine quilting is saying yes to God. It’s saying yes to the creative side that He’s given me. It’s saying yes to the path he’s leading me on. And being open to the possibilities. Even some of the No’s that come along the way. Because sometimes saying No is a way to open the door to something else, something more beautiful.

When I started this post a few days ago I was thinking about God laughing. About how sometimes laughter is mocking, and as experienced at some points of life both giving and receiving laughter can be mocking. But sometimes laughter is just pure joy, it is a shared moment of glee. God isn’t laughing at us, God is sharing in our joy. God isn’t mocking us, we’re his, he created us to be his own.

And so I quilt. And teach (as often as I can) and I laugh and do my best to enjoy this journey that God has me on.

God bless!



4 thoughts on “If you want to make God laugh

  1. Hmmmm maybe writing that book will be move in priority now??? Great post. Yes!!!! Saying NO does make saying YES so much more meaningful. –Terry who has been saying NO to a particular activity for three months now; but, the asker still thinks I might say yes. . .I’m not for some of the very reasons you listed!

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