IMG_1056You all know that “Oceans” speaks to my heart deeply, in looking back there are at least 6 posts with the song as the basis. It’s come up in the play list on Pandora on two separate stations with some frequency, whispering sweetly to Trust God ever more deeply. Trusting God that he is leading through some challenging decisions. Decisions that once they’re made bring a whole lot of peace.

I’ve shared recently that I struggle deeply trying to make it in the quilting world. “Making it” has had some, in my mind, clear definitions. Just after I made the decision to let go of one thing, something else came up for a little over a year from now. While this feels like a confirmation to stay in the quilting community, it also means that I still need to do the work to stay working in the quilting community. There are several things that need doing This is part of that putting out into the deep, that trust. It is a gratitude on my part. Something like a Psalm response, the verse is song, and the congregation sings back.

I’d pray “Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do? I don’t understand this!” And this is when Oceans would play! Sometimes this freaked me out a bit, other times a deep sense of peace would come. This sense of peace has brought with it a whole lot of calm lately in the midst of some stormy weather. I’m grateful for that, so grateful. I have no idea where I’m going. I have no idea what these next steps will look like. I don’t know exactly what will happen next. I’m good with it.


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